“Chris, did you lock the door?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, probably. I put on my ascot, freshened up my slippers, grabbed the camel leash, then grabbed my keys and left. I’m sure I locked it.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure I probably locked the door. I’m sure it’s fine.”


“Hey, Henri is totally Chris Bosh-ing this picture. Heh. Classic. OH THE HELICOPTER IS HERE. COME ON!”


“This is swag. I mean, wow. We are in a helicopter. We did it.”

“Yeah, this is fun. Good call, Chris.”

“Let’s Ebert this.”


“Let’s Ebert this.”

“I heard what you said. What are you talking about?”

“This is two thumbs up, right? So let’s two thumbs up it — Ebert it. You know.”

“You and your sayings.”


“What in the world am I supposed to wear for this thing? What is ‘Moroccan-themed’ anyways?”

“I don’t really know either, Mario. The only time I’ve really seen anything about Morocco is on ‘Top Chef.’ I guess like a lot of colors and flowing fabrics. You could maybe wear that giant shirt you have.”

“Oh yeah, sure. Do I need a hat?”

“Do you have a Moroccan hat?”

“Kind of.”


“Good question. Stuff just kind of piles up around here. I’ve still got that Mario Brothers hat too, just in case.”



“Honey, can I borrow your purple scarf?”

“Sure, why?”

“No reason. Wanna go to Chris’ party?”

“As long as we’re home in time for ‘Matlock.’”


“Moroccan-themed — what does that even mean?”

“Nobody knows. Just throw this red thing on your head and let’s go.”


“Chris picks the worst themes. I mean, Moroccan?”

“I know, LeBron.”

“Let’s do something better.”

“No, we need to follow along.”

“Come on. Let’s dress like a Kanye video.”

“No. It’s Moroccan, LeBron.”

“I don’t care. I’m dressing like ‘Golddigger.’”

“No, you’re not.”

“OK, ‘All Falls Down?’”





“Fine. Whatever. We’re late anyways.”

(images via Beyond the Buzzer)

Comments (22)

  1. Was the Ebert reference put in because he just died or was that a coincidence? I just finished reading the news about his death and then read this.

  2. haha

    “Honey, can I borrow your purple scarf?”
    “Sure, why?”
    “No reason. Wanna go to Chris’ party?”

    Nice post (Ebert R.I.P)

  3. Expensive party.

    He got robbed for $400,000 well he dacned with Camels.

    • Man, I’ve been there. Course, I was just dancing with their toes, and it was more like 400, but you know how it goes.

  4. You killed Ebert

  5. Bosh is the only one not in “costume” for his own party

  6. I imagine them turning to Google immediately when they got their invites.

  7. throw a moroccan themed party! LIKE A BOSH!!

  8. I guess the Miami Heat think that people in Morocco dress like characters from Aladdin.

    What an ignorant, uninformed theme for a party

  9. Was it actually Trey that wrote Jerry Buss down for headbands?

  10. ahhhh, what money can do eh. Look at the gal the T. Rex was able to court

  11. maybe the food was really good. in any case, i think the miami heat needs to introduce edward said’s Orientalism into the locker room reading list:

  12. Sweet holy mother of all things carnival. You know you think you’re running the show when you costume it up all year and defiantly stare everyone down and yell, “Turbans! Hell yeah. Camels! Fuckin A. What you gotta say about that? NOTHING, CHUMPS!”

  13. The Miami heat are officially banned from complaining when white people have “Ghetto-themed” parties.

  14. Good post. Takes me back to “the blowtorch” days. Anyways, good to see that Marshall Mathers could make it (first picture)

  15. Yea how ignorant can you be. and agree dont even try n complain bout white people n ther ignorant choices. NO CLASS

  16. O n for the record you all look absolutely ridiculous

  17. Is the chick in the blue dress the one that lil wayne put his filthy d*ck inside of?

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