Ballin: Jonas Valanchoondawg scored a career-high 24 points while knocking in 16 of 18 free throws and grabbing 10 boards as the Raptors officially eliminated the Wizards from playoff contention. So let’s dap him up because shouting out Carmelo Anthony’s 40 points is kind of boring when he just went for 50 the night before.

Not so much: Jrue Holiday went an abysmal 2-24 last night, which is the worst shooting performance of the season for any player attempting 20 or more shots in a single game. My theory for why he sucked so hard? Last night was the first game his older brother, Justin, played in for the Sixers, so he was probably super nervous.

Ees a spicy one!: New favorite NBA celebration.

Very cool. Very Italian. Very much the reason why the Nuggets have been playing so well lately. Very likely why the Jazz laid an egg at home, dropping them to ninth in the Western Conference. Eyyyyyyyy!!!

Leg arms: MarShon Brooks got his first start of the season and promptly scored 27 points while leading the Nets to a victory over the Cavaliers, who have lost their last 10. The previous sentence is pretty much the definition of April NBA basketball.

Doink: Brandon Knight is having one of the most embarrassing (non-Knucklehead Wizards era) seasons of our generation.

On the plus side, he embarrassed himself on this play, rather than having somebody do it for him. Didn’t get hurt either, so I guess that’s an improvement.

No doys: The Spurs beat the Magic, the Grizzlies beat the Portlands, the Clippers beat the Suns, the Rockets beat the Kings, and the Warriors beat the Hornets. Combined victory tally for these five games: 77 points.

Fight!: Did you ever think Ryan Hollins and Goran Dragic would get in a fight? Probably not, but they did.

Real talk, I think Ryan Hollins is kind of the worst. He’s a real DeShawn Stevenson character in my book. Get outta here, man.

And finally: The Timberwolves beat the Bucks and European players did well for both teams.

Other things: “The Knicks have a lot of players whose names can be turned into food” … Halfcourt alley-oops were all the rage last night. Here’s Jeremy Lin to Chandler Parsons and Andre Miller to Kenneth Faried … Andre Iguodala also threw down a reverse in a halfcourt set because the Jazz are a joke … Deron Williams still has that crossover … DeMarcus Cousins and Thomas Robinson are still bros, and I think DMC has been suspended for the rest of the season for hugging too hard