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On today’s Overdose, The Basketball Jones discuss Danilo Gallinari’s injury and how it hurts the Nuggets’ playoff hopes, the “race” for the No. 4 seed in the East, Shaq’s backwards jersey, the value of some of the summer’s top free agents, Brittney Griner’s NBA chances, and Gary Payton’s Hall-of-Fame career.

All that, plus stolen Tutankhamun books, chewing gum, and we say goodbye to the 2012-13 Raptors.


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  1. Are you guys changing studios, because I heard that t

  2. audio player has been super touchy, especially the past 3 shows. just sayin….

  3. Hey Jeff. You’re right. The player sucks and we don’t endorse it. We’re still waiting for our IT dept to provide an alternative. The only thing I can recommend is downloading through iTunes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Or download directly off the blog and play it on your preferred music player on your comp or portable device. I dont bother with the streaming audio.

  4. The Archer drop was a thing of beauty! I would also like to lightly complain about the audio player. It screws up 60% of the time every time….but the price is right. Keep up the great work!

  5. I remember Jordan also mentioned Sydney Moncrief was one of the most annoying players to go up against because his defense was insanely good.

  6. Denise Long was drafted by the Warriors in 1969, but the league voided that selection. (Misogyny reasons?) The Jazz then selected Lusia Harris back in 1977. She was the only “officially drafted” woman because of the Long situation that I didn’t bother to research.

    Harris did not go to training camp because, and well, this is usually something you wouldn’t keep from an employer, she was pregnant.

    Cuban taking a girl wouldn’t really be record breaking at all.

  7. Lee was just being Carlos Schmoozer


  8. I thought Jordan said Joe Dumars defended him the toughest.

    • Yeah I was going to post that too, remember him saying that in one of those ‘come fly with me’-ish videos that were made, I think he spoke with a lot of respect for Dumars’s game in general in that segment.

  9. Honestly what else did you expect Griner to say? “No I can’t or don’t want to play?”
    I agree with you all that if a women makes it in the NBA it will be in the guard position. I think the big question will be on defense, can she stay in front of her man. However we could all point to Steve Nash and say he doesn’t really play defense and has had success in the NBA.
    I think she could play in an NBA game, but when you talk about summer league where guys are fighting for roster spots, I believe she will be a target, because this is people’s livelihood. Getting that lucrative roster spot

  10. I think she could play in an NBA game, but when you talk about summer league where guys are fighting for roster spots, I believe she will be a target, because this is people’s livelihood. Getting that lucrative roster spot

  11. What does Carlos do when Lady Gaga sings badly? Carlos boos her.

  12. Stop shitting on Josh Smith! The guy is a monster defender, great touch around the rim, and he’s huge.. There simply aren’t a lot of players like this. He would be a great fit on Boston, maybe New Orleans?

    LOL at tre saying Josh isn’t a very good player, do stats or W/L mean anything to you? TBJ rating players is laughable sometimes, leave it to the pros

  13. When does the show change recording places anyone on tbj?

  14. please, live streaming of movies with leigh sounds awfuleigh awesome.

  15. With Leigh’s stolen bowling ball, would it be more impressive to bowl a 300 or 3 straight games over 200?

  16. Thanks to MattyO for pinch hitting for ol’ Serge. A solid week during the doldrums. Also good to know Trey’s jersey size is “blanket.”

  17. I remember watching Ticha Penechiero play in Sacramento back in the day, and thinking she could play in the NBA easy. She was tough as hell and her handles were like Kidd…..in her prime she could’ve been your second point off the bench.

  18. Guys, quit asking about the studio thing, by their avoidance to the question, I’d guess they aren’t allowed to comment on that yet, business contracts are hush hush. We’ll hopefully know soon enough, but whatever happens. Better keep the drops and Leigh!

    Lakers have no chance tonight and Utah is gonna pull into 8th. Instead the Lakers should send Kobe to the play for the Hornets for the night.

  19. What’s CB’s favorite taunt? Carlos Who’s Your Daddy

    Who is a cow’s favorite NBA player? Carlos Moooooozer

    Who is Boozer’s favorite Olympian of all time? John Carlos Boozer

  20. What’s the thibs’ favourite basketball movie?

    Carlos Hoosiers

  21. How come no one asked Ryan if he stole anything or had anything stolen from him? Hopefully we can find out on Monday.

  22. You think Tom Chambers is a Hall of Fame player? I do.

  23. “Dude, Where’s My Car?” …the moron’s “Dumb & Dumber”

  24. What did Danny Crawford say after he got punch in the groin? Carlos Oooozer

  25. What happened to the stolen caravan? Was it ever recovered?

  26. What would Carlos be called on The Bachelor?

    Carlos Chooseher

  27. Doesn’t 99% of the NBA fans just want the Bulls in the 4-5 series instead of 6th? I know Pacers-Bulls would be great, but Nets or Hawks in the 2nd round against the Heat? No thanks. I prefer the Bulls there and than possibly Pacers or Knicks (or Celtics).

    No one will probably beat Miami, but at least give them the toughest road possible. And I guess everyone pretty much agrees Miami-Chicago would be much more interesting than Miami-Brooklyn or Miami-Atlanta.

  28. With the Reggie Miller thing, I can’t believe he didn’t pick a Spike Lee movie!

  29. If he lived at Fraggle Rock he’d be a Carlos Doozer!

  30. I like pancakes! Does anyone else like pancakes

  31. What is he when his favourite drinking establishment closes down? A Bar-less Boozer

  32. whats up TBJ!

    so for the last week i’ve been hearing everyone make a big stink about shaq not mentioning kobe in his retirement speech at staples and i just wanted to know if you guys saw this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzUNO_CKWKE&feature=player_embedded

    it’s a video shaq released through NBA.com or TNT that he uploaded earlier before the retirement ceremony. the speech is almost exactly same as the staples ceremony except he actually does take the time to thanks kobe as well as other teammates.

  33. When he sleeps around without a condom what is he called? Careless Snoozer

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