This kid must be the coolest seventh grader in his school. I bet he got so many pogs for this. #Respect.

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  1. That’s awesome. All of the 7 people in attendance for that Raptors game must’ve really enjoyed that. Good for them.

    • raps have pretty good attendance

      • Yeah they’re 13th or so this year (17th in percentage), and when you consider the fact that they suck, they sucked last year and they’ll probably suck next year, it’s pretty impressive to get that many people out.

        This site is actually really cool to study: the Raptors are second last in road attendance. It’s almost as if fans in Charlotte or Washington aren’t interested in coming out to watch their bad team play another bad team from a place they’ve never been to.

  2. i was so good that even his opponents started hugging him

    • That part was really cute/cool.

      Sadly, this kid life has probably peaked. I mean, is he ever going to be able to replicate a moment like that again?

    • Agreed it was cool his opponents showed love. More than can be said for some people

    • they are all on the same team just using home and away jerseys

  3. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease do a Blank Jones on pogs

  4. Aren’t they from the same team, and the game just amounted to a very public scrimmage?

  5. clearly a shot clock violation, come on Kerbs :(

  6. I LOVE how the other team is just as excited about the shot!

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