Ep. 961: Banners and Haircuts

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for: Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks, the Clippers’ first division title, Rick Adelman’s 1000th career win, John Wall’s confidence, Reggie Evans, the deep Nugs, and Stephen Jackson’s “Anchorman” party. Thumbs down for: the Indiana Pacers 0-and-2 weekend, the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame for snubin’ Spencer Haywood, and Shumpert’s adidas ‘do.

All that, Moneybags Melas, “Forrest Gump” haircuts, and Margaret Thatcher.


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Comments (15)

  1. Why no show even if there is no basketball

    • If my alma mater played in the National Championship, I would call in sick the next morning as well. I see you Taco Trey Burke.

      Honestly, if my alma mater ever MADE the tournament, I’d call in sick. #GoCats

  2. Why would teams not take the Wizards seriously?

    This isn’t some late season run against teams resting guys. 25-20 is a pretty solid chunk of season.

    I really dont think teams are so dumb that they think about the 4-28 start instead of the over .500 60% of a season involving the guy they need to worry about most.

    I think only like 20 of those 45 games involved Beal and nene as well..if you can roll at a 4 seed level for 45 games, you can outclass a Bucks team next year at the absolute least.

    • I agree with you Nich. While players probably don’t prepare mentally for the Wizards like they would for the Heat/Thunder/Spurs, the scouting departments don’t stop working at the All-Star break. They’ve definitely been scouting the Wall Wizards and wouldn’t expect a cakewalk.

      I’m not interested in whether THIS YEAR’s Wizards team could make the playoffs, we need to know if NEXT YEAR’s Wizards team can do it. As a Wolves fan, I’m guessing Martell’s lightning in a bottle season won’t repeat itself next year. But Beal should be better in his 2nd year. What issues do the Wizards most need to address this offseason?

  3. Stephon Marbury had the “Starbury” logo tattooed on him while he was still playing. Obviously not as big of a brand as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse, etc, but a brand nonetheless.

    Anyway, what’s the number we call if we want to leave a message?

  4. Tas looking all French Canada. TK looking full.

  5. Thanks for picking Adelman’s 1000th as a winner of the weekend. I was at the game and it was a super cool experience.

    Another fun Adelman/Twolves fact: By winning his 1000th game on Saturday night, Adelman also passed Dwyane Casey for 2nd most coaching wins in Twolves history. That’s right, Adelman hasn’t coached the Wolves for 2 full seasons yet and he already has the 2nd most wins.

  6. i had a smiley face dyed on the back of my head too. didn’t know it was from forrest gump, but… a good conversation starter.

  7. why do you guys name people who had bad luck losers? Whenever i think of the word loser i think of either losing a lot of games or somebody that would be mentioned in the wanker of the week. I dont know, it just doesnt sound right when you name injured players losers or people who had bad luck losers.

  8. Artest shaved the rockets logo into his head during the second round against the lakers a few years ago. But I never heard that he was fined.

  9. Blank jones tuesday! Your fans want it, trust me

  10. Thatcher dead?


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