I remember hearing once upon a time that David Stern had a Twitter account that no one knew about, he never tweeted from and was created solely for keeping tabs on NBA stuff in the cyberspace information superhighway. As far as I know, no one has ever found it, just like no one has ever found those dead bodies he buried that Stern is so fond of mentioning. (Check in the Lakers’ ceiling. There’s always stuff hidden there.)

But apparently David Stern isn’t the only high level NBA executive to keep his Twitter game on the down low. No, friends, it appears that Pat Riley is also a Twitter lurker, only his hidden account has been¬†(allegedly) unearthed by a combination of the internet and radio producer Brendan Tobin.

From Reddit:

This was just revealed on Miami radio. Riles admitted he was on Twitter at a Heat charity event over the weekend, and one of the guys at the station went through the Heat staff and found this account and matched it by his follows and followers.

Riles hasn’t tweeted yet and will probably abandon this account — @2620pr — in no time now that we’re (allegedly) on to him. But for now, let’s creep through the 56 people who he is (allegedly) following and have a few gentle chuckles.

  • LeBron James (Riley’s first follow, smart)
  • Micky Arison
  • Erik Spoelstra
  • A bunch of other Heat players
  • A number of journalists including Bill Simmons, Kelly Dwyer and Handsome Tom Haberstroh
  • Magic Johnson
  • FakePatRiley
  • Tony Robbins

At first I thought FakePatRiley (bio: “I’m Pat Riley, you’re welcome.”) was the funniest person that (Allegedly)RealPatRiley is following, but then I reconsidered and now I think it’s Tony Robbins. There’s just something about one of the NBA’s most well-respected figures in the history of its history¬†(allegedly) starting a Twitter account to see what people are saying about his team, then deciding he needed some extra inspiration from the guy who set in motion the events from the blockbuster motion picture “Shallow Hal.” Then again, that does explain why Juwan Howard has stuck around this team for such a long time. He’s a good basketball player on the inside.

So if this is Riley, I guess it just goes to show you how easy it is for people to hide out in plain sight, even if they are famous. In fact, there could be several NBA executives following you on Twitter right now. There probably aren’t but there definitely could be. Maybe.