Ballin: Just because it’s so unusual, let’s shout out Will Barton — a rookie for the Trail Blazers, but I’m sure you already knew that — for 22 points, 13 rebounds, six assists and three steals in just 32 minutes in last night’s Portland lost. It might not actually be the line of the night, but it was career-highs in basically everything, so that’s cool.

Not so much: Michael Beasley went 1-11 in a loss yesterday, but I feel like that’s not even a bad shooting night for him. And considering that’s his seventh game this season where he played at least 10 minutes and shot under .200, I think I’m right.

Flip-flop: As I know from personal experience, it’s hard to decide how to finish a shot at the rim when you jump as high as Blake Griffin and I do.

It’s like, “Should I dunk? Should I finger roll? Wait, I guess I should just dunk.” Pretty nerve-racking, really.

No streak-ity: Here are some streaks that ended with last night’s Pistons win — Chicago’s 18-game win streak over Detroit, the Pistons’ 8-game home losing streak, the Pacers’ 9-year streak of not winning a Central Division title. Quite the historical game when you really think about it.

Punch it up: This might be the most likeable thing about Dwight Howard right now.

I’m sure Shaq thinks this pregame routine is stolen from him somehow, but I like it.

Slacker: Carmelo Anthony only scored 36 points in the Knicks win over the Thunder. Sure, it’s a great performance in a huge road win that pushed the Knicks’ streak to 12 straight victories, but it’s not 40 so he’s below the fold.

Banners: Just because it’s a Will Barton kind of day.

What are you going to tell your kids about Will Barton Day? Please let me know in the comments.

Up downs: A Lakers loss to the Clippers mixed with a Jazz win over the Warriors means Utah is currently in the last playoff spot in the Western Conference. Look for this to change 58 times over the season’s last two weeks.

Remainders: The Grizzloids beat the Kingstons by two, the Cavaleros beat the Magicians by six, and the Celtictacs beat the Wiznardoggs by 11. Now you know every thing.

Other things: Getting boxed out by Nick Collison seems like a treat … Yesterday’s win over the Lakers gave the Clippers their first division title ever and their first season sweep over the other L.A. team in 40 years … Who knew Tyson Chandler was so nimble? (Probably Tayshaun Prince, since they attended the same high school and that’s who Tyson said he modeled his game after many years ago.) … The latest Brandon Knight embarrassment in a season full of them … In conclusion — GO BLUE

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  1. It’s nice to see some Portland love this morning. During what has been an incredibly frustrating season as a Blazer fan you guys have kept me entertained and distracted for the most part. Keep being awesome.

  2. Knicks streak is 12 not 11, GEEZ.

  3. “I’m not going to reach the rim, better finger roll it in. Oh no wait, I’m Blake Griffin, why do I keep forgetting that I can stay in the air indefinitely?”

  4. The knicks streak is at 12 games Trey. Tough game to win but Junior Smithe came in clutch.

  5. haha… funny, Chandler didn’t even move his feet even with all the power that Collison tried to gather hahaha. Then he flinged him with just his forearm. Tyson Chandler is a beast. A skinny beast but a beast nonetheless.

  6. How is that an embarrassment to Brandon Knight? It’s more like Pekovic being an ass-hole and picking on someone smaller.

    And the Pistons are pussies for not confronting him right away. Way to have Knight’s back…

    • Still humiliating to get punked by a much bigger dude and none of your teammates come to back you up. Which I don’t understand since all you have to do in the NBA is starting yapping at the other guy while your teammates pretend to hold you back.

      • Monroe picked up a T backing him up. I don’t think it was embarrassing for him. I didn’t think it was embarrassing for Jose Calderon to get picked on by KG. Actually felt embarrased for KG. If he’s such a tough guy how come he never picks on ppl that are tall, black or both? It’s always lil euro dudes

  7. This is what I will be telling my kids about Will Barton Day: He is the same age and from the same city as Dukie, Randy, Naymond, and Michael. HE PROBABLY BEAT UP RANDY FOR SNITCHING. I’M NEVER ROOTING FOR HIM AGAIN.

  8. Will Barton was dookie….seriously. check his story out, boyo came from nothing.

  9. i´m always going to tell my kids that will barton day was the day when I won our fantasy-league as a 7th seed! and mike james´ assists made the difference…

  10. Poor Wizznoggles have a bad habit of doing doing great on Friday or Saturday and then slipping on Sunday just in time for the blogs to talk about how they lost on Sunday

    That performance vs Indiana was spectacular

  11. Blake Griffin:
    “Yes breakaway jam!”
    “oh shoot, can I make it? maybe I’ll just lay it in to be safe.”
    “Nope, ef it. This is nothing; I got this!”

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