Hey, were you wondering about the sleeveless t-shirt Amir Johnson wears over his uniform when he’s warming up before games? No? Well, too bad because you’re going to learn about it in like three seconds.

From the National Post:

“I just kind of stick with the same shirt all season long,” Johnson said. “It shows how much work I’ve put in. That’s just my T-shirt. It was ripped, but I just tied it to kind of rebuild it.”

You know how John Wetteland never changed his hat during a season, and then it ended up being a crusty brown head flap by the end of the year? This is the NBA equivalent of that.

And the best part is, since Amir just seems to cut off the parts of his shirt that have something wrong with them, it probably doesn’t smell. I mean, just look at the armholes — there’s nothing there to even absorb pit juices. That’s just smart thinking if you’re going to get the same shirt all sweaty for seven months at a time.

Most impressive, however, is that Amir Johnson has somehow been able to hang on to this rag of a shirt for an entire season. Not only is it impressive that the thing hasn’t disintegrated, it must be a challenge to keep track of such a formless piece of fabric. How many times must someone have tried to throw this out, only to have Amir remind them that that was his favorite shirt? Probably a lot.

I like this. The baseballness of it, what the tattered shirt means to Amir Johnson, the dedication to actually keeping track of it — it’s all good. Let’s just make sure he gets a new one next year because I’m pretty sure this won’t survive a summer in storage.