Ep. 962: Story Time

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Kobe’s fourth quarter, 2010 Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace’s return, the disappointing Jazz, the Knicks’ three-point shooting, Clyde Frazier facts, and a controversial call in the Pacers-Cavs game.

All that, plus NBA Harlem Globetrotters, skiing, cricket, ears, toys, and a list of NBA-related car puns. (You know, Camero Anthony, Marcus Camry, Randy Foyeota, etc.)


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  1. Dear MWP,

    That guy who came back from meniscus surgery in a week was Brandon Roy. You might want to google his basketball career before modeling your health decisions after his.

    Much love, and see ya tonight at the RG,


  2. Lancer Stephenson
    Brandon Knightrider
    Rasteed Wallace

  3. Leigh! Kate Moss?!? That was one of the funniest TBJs in late history. That was great!

  4. Paudi Gasol
    LeBaron James

  5. As good as MattyO’s cool story was, still needing more details on Trey’s knees’ inability to hold his frame on slippery surfaces.

    • Age 13. First time I’d ever been skiing, left with bruises all around my knees because (supposedly) my hamstrings weren’t strong enough. Also crashed a bunch of times because I’m not good at skiing. Was a successful trip though, since it was the first time I’d really hooked up with a girl. #Respect to ski lodges.

  6. Utah can suck it, 80 points on your homefloor in a must win game? I have never seen them play their offense through mo williams pick and pop

    They need to get it inside and draw some fouls. Its going to be awful watching the free throw olympics (lakers) in the playoffs

  7. Haha thanks for that Lee. But you’re right about our cricket team. Still awesome though.

    - South African TBJ fan

  8. JR Smith isn’t on a hot tear for the month, he’s played this way the entire season.

    And the gameplan isn’t just about chucking shots from the arc. The ball moves to the open man, who a lot of times happens to be open and up it goes.

    The team is for real.

    Buy a Melo jersey, I hear they’re popular.

    • Check out his monthly splits: http://www.hoopdata.com/splits.aspx?player=J.R.%20Smith

      The telling stat is FTA. In March, 5.6. There have been only a handful of games in April, but even then he’s at 4.8. His previous monthly high was 3.7, in February he bottomed out at 2.5. Also of relevance is the shots attempted “At-Rim”, in February, 1.5, in March, 3.4.

      Really, the monthly splits don’t even tell the whole story. If you look at the game log, the first couple weeks of March are just like the February games – 2 games with no FTA, 3 more with just 2, one with 3, one with 4, and just one with 6. Then it’s like somebody flips a switch on March 14th, and for the rest of the month he goes nuts at the line: 5 games with double-digits FTA, 3 more with 7-9, and just two with 5.

      The April games are actually showing a worrying regression to his usual behavior really (at least using FTAs), but maybe he’ll pick it back up (and it’s worth noting his At-Rim attempts are still up at 3.3, which suggests he’s still attacking the basket). You’d hope he would since the results were so positive. But in any case, he has absolutely not been “playing this way the entire season”.

  9. I understand the impulse to not just lazily answer every question with “LeBron”, but in regards to the Harlem Globetrotters question: yeah, “LeBron”. He could do his warm-up routine during the game.

  10. Matty O:

    Sitting “Indian Style” is now referred to as “Criss-cross Applesauce” in most classrooms.

    Also, those blocks that weren’t legos because they had the bristles on them, are called, surprisingly enough, bristle blocks.

  11. Good luck in your rec league game guys, hopefully this time you’ll be the ones doing the pumping.

  12. The Warriors clinched a playoff spot, guys. I wasn’t sure if you knew that considering you didn’t mention it, so just a heads up. Granted, it’s not as thrilling or meaningful as a sloppy Lakers win over the Hornets, but you’d think it merits at least a mention, no?

  13. Amazing show – should have been a Beckinsale! Any mention of cricket should automatically increase the rating by a whole Kate in my opinion.

    Leigh, got to get more of your thoughts on the Ashes matey. I think England winning will depend massively on getting Graeme Swann and KP back fit – look what happened without them against the Kiwis. Also, who’s the better batsmen Don Bradman or Alastair Cook?

  14. Huge fan of cricket. England and Australia are actually playing a double Ashes this year- home and away.

    IPL/T20 cricket iss entertaining, but a bit overdone IMO. Test cricket for the diehards is the purest form.

    I’m also Pakistani…our team usually sucks or chokes if they’re good, but the sport is religious over there.

  15. despite being a british indian and a fan of cricket, i gotta say i have no patience for test cricket…the pace is way too slow and tas would be pissed off within 1 hour, but clearly leigh is fanatic…shame about india beating australia recently!!

  16. On second grade I tried to pull on my classmate’s shoelaces to untie his shoes. We were going up some stairs and I was behind him, so when he moved his leg I fell forward and hit my forehead with one of the steps. I got a huge bump and grandma had to come pick me up. She ended up spreading butter on it, which kind of makes sense since my head looked like a loaf of bread.

  17. …..Chris Porsche

  18. Need more cricket! Im a Canadian who moved to Australia and its awesome

  19. Trey- I call dibs on those Larry Sanders blocks when your done with them, get Leigh to sign them as Larry The Sandman Sanders too….. Such a great marketing idea

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