Ep. 963: Donkey Kick

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Kobe’s historic night, Steve Blake’s timely offensive rebounds, Gasol-to-Dwight oops, Damian Lillard’s 38, the Nuggets setting some franchise records, JaVale McGee’s block, post-All-Star Deron Williams, Avery Bradley’s foul trouble, and rest and recovery vs. rampin’ up for the playoffs.

All that, plus the Sex Warriors, donkey basketball, and another round of NBA Hedbanz.


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  1. YOU GUYS are making fun of cricket, australian football and soccer…..and you have this
    and this!?!?!

    • Except those are sideshow attractions for us, not our actual sports, NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Cricket players, on the other hand wear sweater vests while they play and have a “tea break” in their game.

  2. Should have been donkey punch

  3. There’s a bar in Belize where they do a version of Cowpie Bingo with chickens called “Chicken Drop”

  4. I’m expecting a funeral on tomorrow’s Overdose for Trey’s New Year’s resolution. There’s always 2014!

  5. Rec league boxscore would be appreciated or at least more description of individual performances. Did TK operate out of the low post? Any Skeets chase down blocks? Seems like the losing by less than 10 lock-in was violated.

  6. Skeets, it sounds like you are saying “Graham Atlanta” when referring to Grandma Lana. Very confusing until you hear her voice. Just sayin.

  7. I don’t care for those Sex Warriors.

  8. Bulls are going to sweep the series tonight, book it!

  9. did some internet stalking


    perhaps moving to the 5v5 division would get you that elusive championship?

  10. Tas, you’re wrong – you mentioned the suns/rockets game, but nothing about the warriors. The jazz loss in conjunction with the dubs win clinched which wasn’t mentioned. :(

    • Alright, Nic. You’re probably right. Maybe subconsciously I knew that no mention meant we’d get a call from Grandma Lana. Either way, we’re covering every single one of their playoff games (except a Friday game if they play FRI and SUN).

      • I feel like such a dick – I’m not usually much of an Internet jerk, but today was a long day and I slipped. Thanks, Tas, and this show is the best. Sorry for being an Internet dick!

  11. Reggie Evans has 4 games this session with more points than rebounds, Is that insanity? Or is it more regular than I think

  12. Oftentimes, when you start the show and you’re looking at the camera with that sweet Rounders smile, I know you’re looking at me, Melas. I know you’re looking at me.

  13. I could see Leigh Ellis calling the first ever televised Donkey Basketball game


  14. Skeets, please please please please tell me where you got that Illard t-shirt!! Please, thank you.

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