But how much did the sign and sign-making utensils cost? I need to know for this class action lawsuit I’m working on. And with Jack Black’s brother as the spokesman, there’s no way it’ll get shot down.

P.S. Miami Heat fans sure do hate it when players don’t play, huh? Kind of ironic, since they’re the most infamous show-up-laters in the league. This has been a postscript.

(via Josh Wong)

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  1. Seriously you can’t just play him for a quarter? Hell at least give the fans 1 possession

  2. You do know that it’s Heat fans from Miami that always late right? Heat fans around the country are just as passionate as every other fan base

  3. Clearly this is their own fault. You don’t drop a G on a late season game hoping your favorite players won’t be sat. This is the NBA for fucks sake.

    • Totally 100% this. I mean, it’s not like it never happened before!
      If you want to watch your star-player play, then get a ticket earlier in the season. The guy payed for a basketball game, he got one.
      Plus, wouldn’t a “real fan” want James to have all the chances he can get at another title, even if it means he doesn’t get to see him play? But no, the guy is pouting because he didn’t get what he wanted… seems rather childish.

      • Give the guy a break, he’s obviously an idiot. Anyone who follows the NBA knows LeBron’s been sitting out a handful of games at the regular season for years.

    • Agreed, what did this guy expect so late in the season

    • Yep. Learning how the NBA operates late in the season? Priceless.

  4. The Tas Melas doppelganger is upset, too, but has to itch his ear.

  5. I’m sorry, guys, but I can’t feel sorry for you.

  6. Gas from NY $150???
    They must drive a Sanitation Truck

  7. a heat fan from NY? I’m glad he got burned.

  8. Todays cupcake players are annoying as shit. People bring their families to these games and teams can just rest their best players? NBA is a terrible product

  9. where’d he get the sharpies and paper to make the sign?
    surely he didn’t turn up to the game with the sign assuming LeBron wasn’t playing, otherwise that’d negate the whole reason behind the sign

    • He could have bought the tickets long in advance, found out that Lebron wasn’t going to play after that but before going to the game, and then made the sign in his hotel room. This likely scenario doesn’t negate the whole reason behind the sign, although the gas and hotel costs could have been avoided if he had chosen to skip the game.

      Of course, after $660 in ticket costs, which he was sure not to get much of back in resale with Lebron sitting, the other expenses seem more reasonable.

      And I disagree with the people who think this is all on the guy who bought the tickets. Unless sports teams are going to quit charging for late season tickets, they have a responsibility to the paying fans and shouldn’t be benching players. There need to be rules against this. It isn’t football where players are in serious physical peril every game. It’s basketball for God’s sake. Tell the players to play a bit more cautiously and put em in the damn game.

  10. Gas from NY? That’s what you get if you hop on a bandwagon and don’t support your hometown team.

    • … lol, dumbest thing I’ve ever read. The fact that there are even rules to fandom and what makes one fan “better” than another fan is so idiotic. We’re all watching the same sport. Can’t we just be basketball fans and root for whatever team we want whenever? Apparently not.

      • I don’t remember saying that anyone was “better” as a fan than anyone else. All I said was that you’re going to be paying a lot more money if you’re going to games for teams out of town. In that sense, it’s better to support your home team (if you have one).

  11. Josh, can you direct me to the official spokesman of the Miami Heat fans? Your post seems to suggest that they actually exist judging by your comments how we complain when other team’s players don’t play. Oh yeah, as if we give a flying **** about the other team and not LEBRON / WADE / BOSH / CHALMERS / UD / RAY ALLEN / CHRIS ANDERSON / SHANE BATTIER / RASHARD LEWIS / NORRIS COLE aka THE REIGNING WORLD CHAMPS.

    And who cares for that idiot fan who knew well in advance that LeBron James wouldn’t play evident by the fact that he brought a sign to the game.

    You’re an idiot, trey. Just part of the reason Basketball Jones is irrelevant in the world of sports.

  12. A New York HEAT fan? His NYC privledges need to be revoked.

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