Ballin: Try this on for size — Nikola Vucevic and Tobias Harris combined for 60 points and 39 rebounds, marking the first time two teammates have both scored at least 30 points and grabbed at least 19 rebounds in the same NBA game. Plus, Toby Harry hit a game-tying three to push the game to overtime, where the Magic won their first OT game of the season. So basically, Rob Hennigan is the best trader ever. Don’t let him near your favorite baseball cards.

Not so much: Last night’s loss to the Suns, coupled with the Lakers’ victory over the Trail Blazers, means the Dallas Mavericks are going to miss the playoffs for the first time in 13 seasons. Another Lock It In success, no diggity no doubt, but that’s still kinda sad. Oh, and the Mavs need to go 3-1 to end the season, otherwise they’re going to be bearded for the entire summer.

Come on: Kobe Bryant played another full game of basketball — 48 minutes exactly, in fact, the first time all season he hasn’t seen a second of rest — and therefore Kobe Bryant did more insane stuff. 47 points on 14-27 shooting, plus a quite respectable 18-18 from the line. Don’t believe me just watch.

Oh, and if the scoring wasn’t enough, he also added eight rebounds, five assists, three steals and four blocks, one of which was so destructive you could hear him cussing out his opponent while blocking the shot. The win marks the first time this season the Lakers have swept a back-to-back.

Neato: Last night’s win against the Hornets pulled the Kings’ home record to an even 20-20, which means that a game on the final night of the season against the Clippers could give the Kings a winning record on their home court during what may be their last season in Sacramento. I think they call that destiny.

Lance: The Nets may have won the war, pretty easily besting the Celtics in Boston, but Brandon Bass took at least one battle and crushed it on Brook Lopez’s head.

Brook had his revenge, of course, going for 21 points and a whopping four rebounds. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson also had their revenge, scoring 29 and 20 respectively, because they don’t like it when their centre gets super dunked on.

#Respect: The Nuggets beat the Spurs last night, which was their fifth straight win. Andre Iguodala had his ninth career triple-double and Kenneth Faried played in bright green shoes.

Silver linings: This is another case of a losing team having a spectacular highlight. This time it’s John Wall being fancy.

Cool play, but the Washington Future Playoff Teams ended up losing at home to the Heat, who were playing without their Big Three on the second game of a back-to-back. It’s almost like one of these teams is better than the other.

Remnants: The Hawks beat Philly by 23, the Pistons beat the Cavs by seven, and the Clippers beat the Timberwolves by 16. I am sure notable things happened in each of these games, but I can’t imagine people really care too much at this point.

Other things: Anthony Davis hurt his knee last night, but it looks like it’s not serious … Here’s JaVale McGee not botching a wide-open breakaway dunk. He’s grown so much … Kobe also blocked a dunk attempt by a fellow who’s 12 years younger than him … Jordan Crawford had a tip dunk over Reggie Evans where he literally placed his hand on top of Reggie’s head to help him elevate … Last night’s win clinched the No. 1 overall seed for the Heat, so they’ll have homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs

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  1. Great night of ball last night.

    Depressing as a Lakers fan that we’re going to waste this amazing season by Bryant for nothing….after a first round exit, I can see Mike D canned very soon. Need to bring in youth and athleticism for next season too!

  2. I’m glad the NBA is light-years more progressive than the MLB when it comes to YouTube clips, but 15-30 second advertisements before 30 second clips are just painful. Ugh.

  3. I dont understand why on nba gametime they were giving tobias a hard time for dunking at the end of the game. I know its a unspoken rule but no one said anything about caron butler doing it to the raptors eariler this season

    • It’s an unspoken rule that the winning team doesn’t run up the score. Butler did it in a game the Clippers were losing.

      • I give a special round of Pfffft to this unwritten rule of not running up the score. How do you run up the score in the waning seconds of a tight game that went to overtime anyways. And first and foremost Toby showed great attitude playing the game to the whistle there. Why stop when the losers decide to give up? Why offer cheap chances? No, Toby, go for it. Any time.

  4. nobody cared much about those games trey!? What about drummond shooting over 50% on fts? Thats a big fucking deal to some of us.

    • I don’t care about who knows it but … I care about NBA games. Even late season ones. Even ones that are blowouts against eliminated teams. I thought this blog was the place for people who care too much about basketball. Might be better for causal fans ;)

  5. Davis another injury.. What a surprise, on the brink of 27.5 wins

  6. can we get a mention of john henson, the rookie on the bucks who had the crazy weird line of 17 points, 25 rebounds, and 7 blocks? according to SC, that’s the most rebounds for a rookie since shaq. and he did it despite weighing 86 pounds.

  7. Real nice job Trey in not even mentioning Damian Lillard’s 38 pts and 9 ast on 12/25 shooting, which he didn’t have to play the entire game to get.

  8. All the TBJ army wants to know is how the rec league game go?

  9. Kobe and Damian Lillard:

    “He’s fantastic,” Bryant said. “It wasn’t a game where he was just hot — a lot of players get hot and make lucky shots — but the moves, the patience, the intelligence … he’s the real deal.”

  10. Alright I may sound like a hater but I don’t care anymore, hands up if you think Kobe’s taking HGH or some “blood enrichment” deal that of course he’d have to go to “Germany” for….

    • It’s funny that you’d think PHDs are rare enough in the NBA that one player taking them would be noteworthy.
      With how lenient Stern & co. are reguarding PHDs, I don’t see why most of the league wouldn’t be on one or another.

      • PhD´s? I’d hope they’re lenient with PhDs; Dr J would not be happy otherwise

        • Oh sorry, lol, I meant PED.
          English isn’t my 1st language.
          I don’t think anyone in the league is on PhD, sadly.

      • Oh for sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if enhancing drugs explained why Dwayne Wade’s knee is no longer an issue and Joakim Noah looks like he’s twice as big as his rookie year.

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