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On Friday’s episode of The OD, The Jones debate and distribute some NBA hardware amongst the league’s seven major awards: Most Valuable Player, Sixth Man of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year.

Also, we mourn those we “lost” during the 2012-13 NBA season, revisit the year’s best dunks, games, and beefs, and raise our third official “Wanker of the Year” to the studio rafters.

It’s been one hell of a season, team.

Make sure to leave your award nominees and winners in the comments below.


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  1. come oooon. its not on the podcast feed yet i got to walk my dog she neeeds to pee

  2. Please make them always this long

  3. tas killing me today, man. biggest talking point for the sixth man debate is scoring in iso vs assisted %. then goes on to defensive players and immediately talks about not wanting to talk about numbers as if they don’t matter.

    meanwhile jr smith’s defense has been pretty great this year. and i don’t think i’ve seen jamal play any yet. i dunno man.

    tas, i think you’re just trying to take a stand and thats like honorable or whatever, but… come on. yr killin me, smalls.

    • I just meant that I don’t give a crap about DEFENSIVE stats ’cause they shouldn’t be valued highly at all.

      Maybe I was just trying to be cool and different ’cause I knew voting for JR would be the IN thing to do.

      Appreciate the comment though, shawty.

    • watching every single Clippers game… I’ve been more impressed with Jamal’s defense than I thought i would be. He’s had some key steals/blocks late in games this season. I think his lanky arms surprise guys, and he is able to get some pretty decent deflections. Sure his instincts are all wrong, but he puts in pretty good effort at that end. I wouldn’t say he’s all that worse at defense than the Clips other options at SG.

  4. Is Former Baller 23 the secret twitter account of Michael Jordan?

  5. derozan over mozgov
    wale and mat devlin – the best diss track since ether
    The amount of ACL injuries this year
    The Heat vs The bulls- when they broke the streak

  6. Great show as always guys!

    Here is my picks for awards this season.

    MVP: James
    6th: J.R Smith. / Sorry Tas. J.R.brings something more than offense.
    Def: Duncan
    Rookie: Lillard
    Coach: Woodson
    Improve: Larry Sanders/ Runner up Kemba Walker. He stepped up from last year.

    Tas! Great Wanker. Bynum has been a bust.

    Dunk of the year. Not sold on DeAndre guys. I know you guts have heard a billion times =) It looked cool, but a big guy destroying a little guy is not very impressive. The Barnes Dunk was just disgusting.

    Beef of year I agree with Tas. Melo vs KG good choice. It felt something out a WWE.

    Surprise of the year : Warriors making the Playoffs.

    Game of the year. This is tough… I gotta go with Dal vs Lakers. Kobe’s performance was impressive.

  7. Best dunk of the year was Gerald Henderson over Dwight. He went so high its insane

    You know its sick when the opposing teams bench falls outta their chairs

    Little guy over big guy always trumps big guy over little guy

  8. so… did leigh just pick lebron in basically every category or what? ^^
    LBJ would probably even deserve it. especially if the heat brought him of the bench for fun just so he can get that too and sweep the awards.

    one big NO WAY though: dunk of the year. come on. really now. lebron over terry is one of the most overhyped dunks ever. I can NOT understand how everybody freaks out over this one, especially when directly compared to deandre which is just more awesome in every single category. I’ll give leigh the ‘story’ argument, but statement-dunking over a lil guy who just happens to be in the way on a fastbreak isn’t that great of a retaliation story to begin with.

  9. Awesome overdose, here’s hoping they stay this long.

    I agree with most of the awards, except I would go with George Karl for CoTY.

    I would go for the first Spurs/Heat game for game of the year, just for that whole sending guys home thing and still getting a close game out of it.

    Surprise of the year – Bynums hair

    Also, can’t believe you guys forgot to bury The Grandma Lana Catfishing Scheme.

  10. Guys, where’s the link to the Donkey Basketball video?

  11. No love for the Rondo-Ray Allen beef at the beginning of the year? Simmons blew that way out of proportion so i figured it’d get a mention

  12. can’t believe tas missed the bynum “he was thinking about no. 1 and didn’t give a no. 2 for the franchise” joke

  13. MVP – LeBron
    6th Man – Corey Brewer
    Most Improved – Larry Sanders
    DPOY – Andre Iguodala
    Coach – George Karl
    Rookie – Damian Lillard
    Executive – Masai Ujiri

    I know it is a little Nuggets heavy, but I have good reason. Not going to list it here, but here’s my reasoning if interested:


  14. This one is gold.

  15. JR Smith is the 6th man but Jammal assisted on the darkhorse dunk of the year


  16. I think you nailed all the contenders but there are two you missed out:

    -Don’t know if Oops count but that Jamal/Blake dunk was so perfect

    Here are my picks:

    MVP: Lebron James

    Sixth Man: Junior Smithes

    Most Improved: Ray Felton (okay Knicks bias) but he was fat and looking like his career was over, now he’s utterly vital to the Knicks (look at the slump when he got injured)

    DPOY: Joakim Noah – again possible Knicks bais, we couldn’t do anything against them in the first two games. Or Tim Duncan – that Spurs defence revival is quite incredible seeing as they’ve added next to no pieces.

    Coach: Eric Spoelstra

    Rookie: Damian Lillard

    Game Of The Year: Melo against the Heat. 50 points, no shots in the lane, and an insane shooting chart.

    Beef Of The Year: Cuban vs. Trump

    Wanker Of The Year: YOU THE BASKETBALL FAN – for voting Kevin Hart year after year (although his play isn’t bad).

    • Oh I forgot:


  17. MVP: James
    6th: J.R Smith
    Def: Marco
    Rookie: Lillard
    Coach: Pop because he is the best coach and the most fun to watch
    Improve: Harden. He had proven himself to be a superstar.
    Wanker. Yep it is Bynum.
    Dunk of the year: The Barnes Dunk is better but the more memorable will be death of Brandon Knight
    Beef of year: Cuban vs. Trump
    Surprise of the year : Houston playing so well/trade
    Game of the Year: It will be the Brooklyn vs. Washington next monday because it will be my first game live since i was 6 when i saw Cavs with Kemp vs. Magic will Shaq.

  18. While listing bad things to happen to Brandon Knight this season, everyone omits the time that Russell Westbrook threw the ball off his “lower midsection” and then scored.


  19. C’mon guys, no mention on Barnes on Pekovic dunk?

  20. Best game I saw this year was that Celtics-Knicks match-up that spawned the KG/Melo beef. Never mind the Cheerios, the last 15 positions on each end were switches drawn up so the two of them could back each other down. The whole fourth quarter was absolutely nuts.

    Bynum’s the right call for WotY, but dishonorable mentions belong to Deron Williams and Eric Gordon, plus anyone who thought Memphis lost the Rudy Gay trade.

    Surprises: The Lakers being anointed West champs then struggling to make the play-offs (can there be any other recipient of this award if the Jazz end up getting the 8th spot?).

    Disappointment of the Year: Mention of the tepid trade deadline? Jazz and Clips both decided to bench assets rather than acquire starters. Weird stuff.

  21. What about Ibaka for MIP? His offense is so much better than was expected this season and the defense is still there

    As well as Hibbert for DPOY. Pacers lead the league in D and Hibbert’s been the backline for it

  22. Kobe’s dunk on Josh Smith is “in the discussion”. But DeAndre is the correct choice.

  23. Biggest Surprise: Obama 2-24!!! Arnie Duncan must destroy him.

    Also love the Annie Hall/Marshall Mclunhan quote to kick off the show.

  24. Apropos of nothing, I feel like the Jones could get a hair products endorsement deal.

  25. Mvp is Lebron. 6th man is J.R. Smith. Coach of the year is Eric Spoelstra.

  26. Chris Wallace from the Grizz has to be in the discussion for GM. Cut his losses at just the right time with Gay and got back the perfect pieces to keep his team in contention in the West. Prince and, to a lesser extent, Davis are great fits for the team and contribute to a team which is doubling down on Gasol. Not as noteworthy as the Rockets or Nuggets but deft enough to make the Grizz more than a fighting chance in any playoff series.

  27. I get that the Lakers have underperformed this year, and I get that coaching hires reflect on the GM whether or not it’s his ultimate decision, but Mitch Kupchak should at least be in the conversation. At the very least you should mention he was the clear favorite to get the award before the season began. I get that Morey and Ujiri are making great decisions/trades with more limited resources, and honestly one of them deserves it over Kupchak in this results-oriented business, but the man got Steve Nash for bad draft picks and Dwight Howard for a man who hasn’t played a game this season! Imagine how terrible they’d be without those trades, but the same injuries. I’m thinking 2005 here. Also, only Nash is currently on the books after 2014, so for all the tax hell they’re in this and next year, Kupchak set the Lakers up for another rebuild/reload, and a very good chance to re-sign Dwight for some *healthy* seasons.

    • I’m kinda with you except for all that rebuilding stuff. But anyways, even as a somewhat laker hater, I can see that Mitch made the impossible possible, and somehow acquired two potential hall of famers for his roster. That should get some regcognition. No way he wins, any maybe the pieces do not fit and he should’ve seen that, but he was able to build what everyone thought was the next super team.

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39YUXIKrOFk

    2:36 I”m too sexy for my cat’

  29. How can the biggest surprise not be the Lakers? If I told you the Lakers would be fighting for a playoff spot the beginning of the season, you’d call me crazy.

    Also Tas, I know you hate everything Raptors, but Jonas has been the lone bright spot on the Raptors. He’s been about as good as Drummond when given the chance and he plays with a coach that barely give him a chance.

    This Spolestra love reminds me of when Mike Brown won coach of the year. Its a lot easier to coach when you have LBJ, Wade, Bosh and great role players. Im with Skeets, Karl, Pop or Thibs should win.

    Having said that, great show as always!

  30. I’m surprised Leigh’s assertion that JR Smith was the second best player on the Knicks went unchallenged. He’s been good this year, but not better than Melo and Chandler.

    MVP: LeBron James
    DPOY: Marc Gasol
    ROY: Damian Lillard, though I think Davis is close.
    6MOY: Jimmy Butler. Unlike Smith, Crawford, Martin, Jack, Anderson, etc, he’s a good defender, and was a big part of the reason the Bulls made the playoffs (the Bulls were over 5 points/100 possessions with him on the court via BBRef.) Also, I think Amir Johnson deserves a mention, with strong advanced and on/off numbers.

  31. Not even a mention of JaVale’s throw-in over Noah for dunk o’ the year? Maybe not as aesthetically pleasing as some others, but the degree of difficulty in dunking over fouling Jo Noah seems higher than crushing one on Brandon Knight or old man jet. Plus, it’s JaVale.

  32. WE’RE JUST A BUNCH OF FLO RIDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Why did his wife leave him? Because she wants more kids but he has Dated Sperm.

    That’s just a rhyme but whatever.

  34. The ending was gold. HAHA
    Skeets dissing Austin

  35. another great eposide..cant wait to hear it..keep up the good work..

  36. Man. You guys just miss all the news on Fridays. Jack and Kurt Thomas both got the boot a week before the playoffs. Cold.

  37. Best dunk: Thomas Robinson putback over Dwight in preseason

  38. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj1–j4fi4U&list=FLsTU2vQ3AyWA5XdBswSeVaA&index=16

    This is one of the best videos I’ve seen. Shows you all the worst/best moments of Brandon Knights 2012-13 season.

  39. After last night’s game:

  40. Your 6th man reasoning for %of baskets being assisted, and Jack being low seems off to me.
    He is a PG! He is the one creating with the basketball, so how can he be on the receiving end of those assists? Of course his assisted basket rate will be lower, but his assists/game is way higher than JR or Crawford. The other guys are SGs, so will get more assisted baskets.
    That just seems like an arbitrary stat to base your reasoning for 6th man of the year on.

  41. MVP: LeBron
    6th man: J.R. Smith (he is the 2nd best player on the team- Crawford does not carry that responsibility- and does more than just score. Crawford has been the better scorer across the whole season though. I had Jack for much of the year but he fell off a bit when the Warriors fell off).
    DPOY: Noah. Sidenote: LeBron should have won it last year for sure when he was a beast who defended all over the Court while Chandler got it for “changing the culture” of an 8th seed team, which was BS . LeBron shouldn’t win it this year- he and the Heat generally spent too much of this year picking their spots to defend at full blast (but got away with it because their offence was so much better).
    Most Improved: Larry Sanders
    ROY: Lillard
    Coach: Spoelstra, 27 game streak, improved a championship team, demonstrated his system could still win against strong teams with the stars sitting.

    NBA all-bench team: Jack-Crawford-Smith-Anderson-McGee, next.

  42. No recorder this year :(

  43. Game of the Year: Raptors Jazz Triple Overtime.
    Dunk of the Year: DeAndre is the one, but shout out to Favors over Bonner
    Beef of the Year: Cuban v. Trump
    Surprise of the Year: Lakers being not good.

    MVP: LBJ
    MIP: LBJ
    Coach: LBJ
    ROY: Lillard
    6th Man: Jarret Jack.

  44. Biggest shock of the year had to have been Rondo’s ACL injury. I could not believe ESPN when they updated my phone, I was watching the game he got injured in, and he just kept playing in OT with an ACL tear. Paul Pierce agrees with me XD

  45. dunk of the year – shout out to BJ Mullens who flushed it over someone or rather straight down the middle of the key.

    In pun gun when skeets said you dont have to ryhme with “Commissioner” then Trey i think starts his pun with “why is his hair so curly?”
    I was sooo waiting for a “conditioner” pun… Conditioner Perm??

  46. Everyone needs to chill out a lot more.

  47. Sorry guys, Russ Westbrook is higher in MVP voting than Chris Paul this year.

  48. Surely Bynum’s jersey is backwards when it is raised to the Wanker rafters, right?

  49. Really good overdose guys,

    I just got back from my holiday in the USA 3 weeks ago in which I saw 4 NBA games and I’m pretty happy I got to witness 2 of the best games all season.
    Steph dropping 54 in MSG verses the Knicks and to think I was going to go to see the 76ERS v Knicks. Luckly I changed my mind a week before as there was no Bynum but then when Bogut and Lee were out of the game I was pissed but it turned out for the best needless to say.

    Kobe dragging back the Lakers over the Raptors in the Staples where he hit those three 3′s at the end of regulation and OT and the Dunk to win the game. Truly a luckily bugger indeed.

    (for the record the other two games were my Rockets beating the Nets in Brooklyn and OKC v Clipps in the staples (the one where Ibaka was dishing out nut punches).

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