Ballin: Last night’s Knicks-Bulls game was a big one, so of course Nate Robinson had 35 points, made five threes and scored 18 points during the course of the fourth quarter and overtime. He’s still not quite National TV Rajon Rondo, but Big Game Nate Robinson is a real thing, I guess.

Not so much: Steve Novak and Jason Kidd played a combined 49 minutes. They scored a combined zero points while missing every one of their combined five three-point attempts. A lot of this combining came against Carlos Boozer, by the way, which means we might be looking at another All-Defensive team vote for Ol’ Painthead.

Heavy: Last Bulls thing for now, but if you were wondering if Nate Robinson celebrated like crazy during his stellar performance, the answer is obviously yes.

I think we can all agree that Nate not celebrating would have been the bigger surprise. Also, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Quick: Happy birthday, Brad Miller.

Fast: Maybe someone should stop the ball here.

Maybe not though, because that was a cool dunk. Durant finished with a smooth 31-10-8 line in just 34 minutes, by the way. He’s definitely going to win SMVP this year.

Thanks for nothing: Klay Thompson had as many turnovers (2) as made field goals (also 2, duh) in the Warriors’ loss last night. He also had as many made free throws (still 2, dummy) because I’m guessing that is his favorite number.

Other things: Last night’s Bulls win broke the Knicks 13-game winning streak, which is like half as cool as when they halted the Heat’s 27-game winning streak … New “Shaqtin’ a Fool” … Probably the best Kevin Martin dunk you’ll ever see, rivaled only by the time he dunked near Greg Oden while wearing a mohawk … Anthony Davis is out for the season, but there is no structural damage to his knee … Ty Lawson says he’s playing tonight