Ep. 965: Achilles Fail

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. Thumbs down for: Kobe’s torn Achilles tendon, Stephen Jackson, Doug Collins, and the Nets for guaranteeing themselves a No. 4 seed. Thumbs up for: Dirk Nowitzki’s milestone, the Mavs for reaching .500, Knicks GM Glen Grunwald, crafty Nate Robinson, amateur meteorologist LeBron James, and Marv Albert.

All that, plus The Masters, Instagram, and grownup cereals.


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Comments (45)

  1. Kobe’s is the greatest competitor in the todays nba, hands down.

  2. Right in the Achilles feels.

  3. Lakers are better without KOBE, believe it or not. Ballhog and awful on defense, Dwight will get it in and Earl Clark will do his thing. You got some Blake and Metta outside shooting too it’s not a big deal this Kobe injury IMO

  4. So kasper knows a lot about the nba…

    we should all listen to him, guys!

    • hehe.. dude’s just some kind of borderline troll, don’t mind him. bros like him were bound to come around some time I guess, TBJ’s too famous now not to have any naysaying/trollish kind of guys in the comment section… at least he’s mostly on-topic, if somewhat controversial^^ I guess TBJ is so unique that even the trolls are actually kind of sophisticated (hey there, serge)

  5. Don’t diss where kasper’s coming from. No, the Lakers are not going anywhere without Kobe’s offense, but I do believe they play more cohesively on defense without him because they don’t have to worry about everything breaking down when he GAMBLES ON THE PASSING LANES EVERY FREAKING TIME. God, it ticks me off when he does that.

    I, for one, want to throw Pau Gasol and the future of the Lakers in as winners of the weekend because he now gets a chance to show everyone how good he still is ;probably gonna bump his trade value up where it should be.

    • LA barely snuck into the playoffs with Kobe having a career year.. What does that tell you?

      Gasol and Dwight are still dominant NBA players + LA has size, when the game slows down in the playoffs they will outrebound EVERYONE . YES it’s a superstar league, but LA still has the best defensive and rebounding player in the league. Nash and Kobe on the bench will be a huge motivator

  6. The NBA is absolutely rigged. Human error is one thing, but Friday’s game was SO SO BAD.

  7. I always suspected it….
    Trey is a SCS!
    A Soggy Cereal Sissy!
    Always been a huge debate on principles this topic with me and my best friends.
    But real men just don’t wait until they get wet and soft, they want them crunchy and hard and the milk does the rest! period!

    • Real men do like it hard. That’s just a fact.

    • I’m not sure I follow. I prefer a crunchy cereal. Matt likes soggy Crispix.

      • There are those that eat them right away while they still crunchy and crisp.
        And there are those that let them first suck up the milk. so they get soft and mushy.

      • Lucky Charms – oats, Golden Grahams (GOAT) – wheat/corn, Shredded wheat are all better than any rice (milk sponge) variant

  8. Regarding the fluke or too many minutes discussion, I’m still recovering from a complete achilles rupture that happened summer last year (2 months with no weight bearing SUCKS!).

    The doctors told me that it is a fluke injury, not related to health, weight, or activity level. Echoing what Trey witnessed, I was going up for a rebound, and I would have sworn that someone hit me in the leg with a bat. Nobody touched me.

  9. Trey, good call on your Big Three. Starting five has to include Raisin Bran (which I can’t believe no one mentioned) and then round it out with Chex (versatility!).

  10. Coach antonie (no D) striles again, can not only go 6-8 deep and expect to win a championship

  11. Coach antonie (no D) strikes again, can not only go 6-8 deep and expect to win a championship

  12. I hadf a “don’t give a fuck about no NBA weekend”m and now I find this out.
    That’s a bummer, the lakers always make for good drama.

  13. I CAN’T BELIEVE you didn’t mention Oatmeal Crisp.

  14. He needs 9 to break the record, not 12

  15. What about the officiating in Friday’s game? atrocious stuff.

    • Really the worst. I couldn’t believe I was still upset about it this morning. I’m a warriors partisan to be sure, but the 4th quarter was a joke…Dwight not being called out of bounds is preposterous.

      • Dude, this has been happening for decades.. did you just start watching the NBA?

        • It’s been really bad before, I guess I just haven’t seen it this blatant in a while. Dwight’s totally out of bounds rebound while the ref is right next to him looking at his foot just kills me. It’s just disappointing is all.

    • same-ol’ same-ol’
      “Time Warner Cable… struck a $3-billion, 20-year rights deal for the Lakers”

  16. 2 things:

    Crispix is amazing.

    No winner for the Clippers? They won 5 straight, retook home court over Memphis in a victory on the road..

  17. Raisin Bran, yo.

  18. Raisin Bran with a table spoon of instant coffee in it.

  19. is there a show tomorrow?

    • I haven’t eaten cereal for years, but the idea of sprinkling a spoonful of instant coffee is brilliant.

  20. Definitely jumping on with the others about Raisin Bran. Been my favorite cereal since I was a kid actually.

    Also, I think you said “like David Robinson” when talking about a last day scoring barrage, Trey. I think David Thompson was what you were going for.

  21. where’s the marv Albert bit we were promised, trey?

  22. dominique came back with season highs from his achilles and he was like 35 or so. totally do-able and it’s kobe. comes back rested and mentally even more motivated. this injury adds to his storyline and legacy.

  23. I ruin cereals for breakfast FOR BREAKFAST!

  24. Regarding multiple teams setting franchise records for wins, it’s more common than you think, Leigh. Don’t forget about all the post-expansion years in the 90s. However, even if we discount all of the “expansion team in its second or third year” type teams, there have been SEVEN other seasons since the NBA-ABA merger where at least 4 teams set or tied their franchise win record while making the playoffs:

    1978 – Spurs (52), Sonics (47), Suns (49), Blazers (58)

    1992 – Bulls (67), Cavs (57 – tied record), Jazz (55 – tied record), Heat (38)

    1993 – Rockets (55), Suns (62), Knicks (60 – tied record), Hornets (44)

    1994 – Rockets (58), Sonics (63), Hawks (57 – tied record), Magic (50), Pacers (47), Heat (42)

    1995 – Spurs (62), Jazz (60), Magic (57), Pacers (52), Hornets (50)

    1996 – Bulls (72), Sonics (64), Magic (60), Pacers (52 – tied record), Heat (42 – tied record)

    1997 – Jazz (64), Heat (61), Hornets (54), Timberwolves (40)

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