I know what you guys are thinking and I’m thinking it too — where is J.R. Smith going to put this mythical tattoo if the Knicks do end up winning the championship? And while I’d love to suggest his surprisingly bare elbows or maybe a tasteful face tattoo to honor his achievement, the honest answer is that we just don’t know and it’s hard to offer a real guess at J.R.’s plans. I’m just here to let you know he’s thinking about it.

From the New York Post:

J.R. Smith has 100 tattoos, including Yankees and Devils logos.

If the Knicks break their 40-year championship drought, Smith vowed to add orange-and-blue ink to his body for No. 101.

Yes, a Knicks tattoo could be coming, even though he is a free agent this summer.

“If we win a championship, I’ll definitely get it,’’ Smith told The Post. “Other than that, I’m not sure yet.’’

Smith is a devout Yankees fan and, as a Freehold, N.J., native, the Devils are his favorite hockey team. But he has been more discriminate lately about adding more tattoos — he is running out of space. He hasn’t had a new addition since joining the Knicks 14 months ago.

“My mother, she loves them now, but she probably wishes I didn’t have so many,’’ Smith said.

You know what’s great about this quote? That it’s really easy to play Most and Least Surprising Thing Said with it, a game that everyone loves, plays and knows exists.

Least Surprising, obviously, is that J.R. Smith’s mom “probably wishes” her son didn’t have so many tattoos. Yeah, probably. Moms are like that. Most Surprising, again obviously I would think, is that J.R. Smith hasn’t got a new tattoo in more than a year. How do you get 100 tattoos in 10ish years (he started at 15) and then go cold turkey while still clearly thinking about getting more tattoos? That is incredible restraint, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what you think of with regards to J.R. Smith and his tattoos. I mean, it was a little more than a year ago that it was a legitimate question of whether or not he had more tattoos than skin, and he stopped? I’m actually more surprised that he doesn’t have a Knicks one yet, rather than that he’d be getting another one if they win.

But I guess getting a little more ink to celebrate a first championship makes sense too. It’s not quite Jason Terry calling a Mavericks championship with a preseason tattoo, but celebratory ink is pretty standard procedure at this point. Even your humble author got his first one to honor a stellar performance on the ACT. So if J.R. Smith wants to get tatted because the Knicks win a title, I totally get it. Lucky for him, he won’t have to decide what to get and where to get it if the Knicks don’t win the championship, so don’t be surprised if that face stays tattoo-free.