Personally, I was hoping the Mavericks would never get back to .500, but that’s just because I was hoping Dirk Nowitzki would keep his over the summer and not shave until Dallas was 1-0 next season. Can you imagine an extra three months of blonde beard on that face? He would have come back looking like a giant Jim James, who I think could actually talk Dirk in to the whole “unshaped by human hands” thing.

Oh well. I guess a man shaving set to old-timey music will have to do. Goodbye, beards.

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  1. Was extremely confused there until i realised Jim James and Jim Jones are two different people

  2. His warmup shirt would be covered with that mess

  3. Speaking of old-timey music, Dirk enjoys himself a good Charleston:

    Happy Monday people

  4. He should have stopped at 24 sec and kept the neck beard.

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