Ep. 966: Glow Shoes and Pasta

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Al Jefferson getting to the line, Keyon Dooling’s Grizzly contributions, NBA Jam shoes for Steph Curry, Ty Lawson’s speed, John Henson’s potential, Kyrie Irving’s apology, and Joakim Noah’s foot.

All that, plus pasta commercials, and TBJ’s anti-awards (Least Valuable Player, the worst move of the season, and the opposite of Sportsman of the Year.)


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  1. Big up TK for finally bringing the orange. Nice accent to those widow’s peaks. Subtext of season has been buildup to an Anatomy Jones. The “Night Court” theme might be a nice addition to pre-show vamp music–it must be in the public domain.

  2. My friend saw an episode of TRL in person & Soul Decision was the guest. He was beyond disappointed…

  3. That Crossfire introduction made me pee myself a little.

  4. I love the show guys, but come on… No Derek Fisher for LVP?? He quit on the Mavs completely, then joined the Thunder and went 0-9999999. Or something like that. Maybe not the winner of LVP, but he should at least be considered for the 3-5 spot on the ballot.

  5. Jumped the gun. You guys are on top of it!

  6. How is Turkoglu not the LVP???

  7. I love that Juwan Howard has started more games for the Heat than Ray Allen this year.

  8. Calderon leads the NBA in 3 point shooting percentage. He shot 16 percent from beyond the arc his rookie season. This is the hope I cling to at night when I lie in bed and think about Tricky Ricky’s 3-pt Brick(y)s

  9. LVP = D.Rose…..cleared over a month ago, been practicing with the team on the regular but won’t suit up for the team…#BUM!

  10. Good on you guys for the stiff upper lip and doing a show today. Very tactful and graceful way to pay respects and move on

  11. NBA cancelling the Celtics game is a joke, life goes on people! They should reschedule it in Ottawa like the NHL did, we would love to see them play up here

    • Um…..a game is a little different, dude. I think we can understand Boston PD not wanting massive crowds of people together for the time being until they have new security plans in place

    • I don’t even…

  12. The hell? The thunder get 60 wins and the #1 seed and they get a 2 second mention? Neat.

  13. I know you guys only brought him up briefly, I’m not accusing you of calling him the next Scottie Pippen or anything, but why is everyone so high on Mo Harkless? I’ve heard people like Lowe bring him up in the context of how much the Bynum trade hurt Philly, too. I’ll admit I don’t watch a lot of Magic games so I am just going by the stats, but what is so special about 11.5 pts per 36 and 28% shooting from 3? Is he a really sick defender or something, or do people just like piling on to the Bynum trade and throwing his name in there with Iggy and The Vooch?

    • It’s much better than no stats from superstar bynum, Harkless is a warrior and very young. He can only get better

  14. Soul Decision…this is why I watch you guys

  15. Is TK rocking a hair band in today’s episode?

  16. PLEASE make a Primo pasta commercial spoof. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. You will make every Canadian NBA fan so happy.

  17. no disrespect skeets and i don’t know your game at all, but you can’t seriously think that you could score in a nba game

  18. 99% of the time i never trust a man with a beard. this 1% time i support tas, not only is he slim but hes jacked as fuck! and for the record kris humphries is literally a walking, talking piece of shit.

  19. Tas I really hope this is the primo commercial you were talking about

  20. Tas, you were incredible today.
    Maybe one too many adult espresso cookies?
    Definitely TBJ MVP worthy performance today

  21. Shoes that light up according to how hot a guy is shooting is fucking brilliant! Can’t you see the opposite being true? Monta’s shoes would start a nice Bucks purple and slow turn more gray with each miss 20 footer. You could have defense colors, fatigue indicators, hydration colors or even some “holy shit my Achilles is about to burst maybe a should be playing 47 minutes a night” indicators. YOU’RE FUCKING WELCOME NIke/Adidas/NBA/world. Glow puck was awesome!

  22. Yeeesh lets hope nobody gives Skeets a mic after anything apocalyptic.

  23. The less sexy LVP pick is Michael Beasley. He’s dead last in Win Shares at -1.4 and basically* dead last in Win Shares per 48 minutes at -0.44. Win Shares isn’t a perfect measure, but the fact that only Austin Rivers is close is highly suggestive. Many players have stunk this season, but Michael Beasley’s had the minutes to really show how much he stinks. Remember when people were claiming that no one with such gaudy college stats could fare poorly in the NBA?

    Also, when considering value, contract shouldn’t play into it. Bargs might be the worst value per dollar, but that just makes him overpaid. Joe Johnson is overpaid but he still provides value on the floor. Suns fans must cringe when Beas enters the game.

    *among players with at least 500 minutes this season; the rest are “who?”

  24. Working Class Man is hilarious every time.

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