There isn’t much to add here that Tamica C, the woman who snapped this picture of a guy doing his taxes at the last possible minute while taking in last night’s Nets win over the Wizards, hasn’t said already.

this man filing his taxes at the Nets v. Wizards game #cantmakethisstuffup

#Cantmakethisstuffup is right, but I guess the only thing worse than paying for Nets-Wizards tickets in April is paying for Nets-Wizards tickets in April while also having to pay late fees on your taxes. And with that being said, let’s enjoy a quick round of naming players after various tax terms:

  • Internal Revenue Serge Ibaka
  • Itemized Deducshawn Marion
  • Employment Expencer Hawes
  • Worksheed Wallace
  • Festus 1040EZeli

Just five names. Not a big deal. Feel free to carry on in the comments.

(via D.C. Sports Bog)

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  1. CPA (CP3)
    Income from Alimonte Ellis
    Capital Sundiata Gaines
    DividEd Davis
    Question on the form: What do you do for a Shaun LIVINGston?
    Filing StaTas Melas
    If you owe on your taxes you may have to Anthony Borrow some money. Or if it’s a lot you may file for Marcus Bankruptcy

  2. The game was actually pretty entertaining even though the Nets sat all their guys. A lot of offense, no defense, and it went down to the wire. Maybe he just thought it was 2010 when the Nets offered a free tax service for people who came to the game. He had to do it at the game once he learned they don’t do your taxes for you anymore.

  3. Stan-dard Van DeductionGundy.

  4. Not a tax term but its financially related.

    I lost all of my money in a ‘sure thing’ investment. Turned out to be a Bonzi Scheme.

  5. /noone cares who wins or loses, may as well

  6. Andrea Game-Evasionani

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