Personally, I think the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau and Sports Commission should have hired someone to dress up like Vlade Divac (or Vlade Divac to dress up as a famous person) and had them mill about Times Square extolling the virtues of the Kings staying in Sacramento, but I guess this works too. From the Sacramento Bee:

A 30-second message about the Kings will air on the giant video board above Times Square starting today, one day before NBA team owners begin deliberating a mile away on whether the team should stay here or move to Seattle.

The video will be shown every five minutes for 72 hours; it will include testimonials from Kings fans, business leaders and others. Officials estimate it will be seen by 4.8 million people.

The total cost of the project, including buying space on the screen, is around $10,000, said Mike Testa of the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau. The bureau produced the video with the Sacramento Sports Commission.

The hotel community is paying the cost, he said.

To be honest, $10,000 for three days of a commercial in front of nearly five million people is a steal. It’s unfortunate for Kings fans that most of those people aren’t going to be able to vote in the Board of Governors meeting which will ultimately decide the fate of the franchise, but you can’t look a good deal horse in the mouth, or whatever that saying is.

And at the very least, it’s worth a shot. It’s not like getting a pro-Kings ad in a huge public place is going to hurt, even if most everyone ignores it. Let’s just be thankful they didn’t go the hand fliers route — no one wants those.

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  1. Sacramento doesn’t deserve to lose it’s team. Yes, attendance has been down since the Webber era ended, but that has a lot more to do with how the Maloofs totally destroyed this team than it has to do with Sac fans not willing to attend games. People forget, but since the Kings moved to Sacramento in ’85 up until they got Webber, Vlade, Peja, etc, they were terrible that whole time but still sold tickets. Sacramento CAN support a pro team. It’s only recently they they haven’t been supporting them, and that’s because the Maloofs have proven that they had no interest in putting out a wining product.

    No, it’s not fair what happened to Seattle, but doing the same thing to Sac just reminds me of that old saying, two wrongs don’t make a right. As much as I hate expansion and I do think it hurts the league, I think the best thing would be to give Seattle an expansion team. Figure out another market that wants a team for the Eastern Conference and add two teams, because you want an even number, and get the total number of teams up to 32.

    • The league would do better by adding two Western conference teams and just move Memphis over to the East. Also, from 1980 to 2004, the NBA had an odd number of teams and it seemed to do fine. So they don’t have to expand by an even number.

  2. I’m more amazed by how cheap it is… thought it would cost in the millions

  3. Mike Testa??? Any relation to Chuck Testa?

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