Ep. 967: Back to the Beach!

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the Spurs signing Tracy McGrady, the Knicks signing Q-Rich, why the Hawks are throwing the fifth seed, and half-court shots. After that, the crew tackles a loaded TBJ mailbag, which includes questions and comments about donkey basketball, NBA commercials, our favorite drops, Right Said Fred, Nimbin marijuana, instructional videos, and Greece.

Thanks for the insane questions, guys. Lots of fun.


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Comments (73)

  1. “Sometimes a donkey being able to talk is way smarter than a skeets with a mouth!”
    1. Donkeys are extremly intelligent animals, the people that ride them are dumb.
    2. even without that fact….there was nothing funny about this phrase.
    3. if the TBJ-Team were animals:

    Trey: Grizzlybear
    Skeets: Emu
    Tas Melas: Beaver fat / greekbillygoat thin
    Matt: hamster

  2. Where can I see this Kenny – Gimme some raptors news, fan made t-shirt?

  3. Fantastic to have the full context for “Raptor News”

  4. Even though I don’t like Derrick Rose his injury/adidas ‘pending comeback’ commercial was nicely done.

    Older ones that stick in my head are:

    Iverson’s Injuries – Reebok

    Vince Carter v.s. The Raptor – Gatorade

  5. great old school NBA commerical. “Grant Hill Drinks Sprite”


  6. Kobe (with the afro) 1 on 1 vs a kid was a great one.


  7. Coach Reggie Miller teaches proper Heimlich Maneuver technique to the greater New York area.

  8. Not to spam my site, but love you guys & did a listing of my favorite Nike Basketball commercials: http://social8gency.com/2010/20-dopest-nike-basketball-commercials-part-4-of-4/

    Tweet of the week army is strong!

    twitter: @bjones21 / @social8gency

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMEVkqG2Qto

    Dirk doesn’t do many commercials, but there’s something pure about this one.

  10. Mr. Trey –

    I think you missed the boat on in the basketball commercial segment by snubbing the Mr. Submarine commercial with Scottie Pippen! I’m 100% sure you guys remember it (or at least Leigh does):


    Let’s have a party indeed!

    This Garnett-Duncan Nike commercial is gold too:


    I’m guessing the gardener’s wife tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but we’ll need to confirm with KG.

  11. Hands-down the best NBA commercial ever. Bosh for Juicy Fruit. Can’t begin to imagine the budget on this one. Killer B-Ball action too.


  12. Favorite set of commercials is the “There can only be one” set from the playoffs a few years back. All of which were good.

    PS This commercial angers me so much. Because why would he ever pick this game to watch?


    And for best drops I gotta go with Leigh’s “What A Card” and Jalen’s “We suck. We’re idiots.”

    • I agree with you so much. Seriously one of the worst games this guy could have chosen. Although I have started using Rubio’s “Like like” anytime somebody says something I agree with, so at least I’ve gotten something good from this dumb commercial.

  13. Don’t forget Grandmama and Lil Penny

  14. The joke should’ve been:

    Tracy McGrady’s first appearance on the Spurs stat sheet:

    DNP – Mud butt

  15. On my honeymoon, I remember checking in to my room at a resort in Belize after travelling all day, turning on the tv & being pumped because a) we got NBA TV & b) you guys were on there. As soon as Kenny asked that question, I screamed “REALLY?!?!?”

    • OH MY GOD! I always thought the drop was “Hold me like a baby”. But it’s Yao saying “Don’t be like a baby”. That’s so much better.

      Thank you for opening my eyes.

  16. My favourite commercial were the Lil Penny and Tyra Banks. Chris Rock the voice of a puppet. Hilarious!
    My other fave would be when Vince Carter had the nike shox commercials. He would jump over Gary Payton’s afro. Classic.


  18. New training video
    Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittendon double feature: “Gun Safety” and “How to Ruin an NBA Career”

  19. From the wikipedia page…

    “Nimbin has been described in literature and mainstream media as ‘the drug capital of Australia’, ‘a social experiment’ and ‘an escapist sub-culture’ ”

    Looks like they have a yearly event called “Mardigrass” as well…hilarious stuff lol.

    • Also Nimbin = closer to Brisbane (maybe 2-3 hours south) than Sydney (idk, 8-9 hours north).

      The more you know

    • I feel it’s important to mention that if Australia had a donkey basketball league, it would be situated in Nimbin. That’s the kind of place it is. Definetly not comparable to Mykonos, Tas.

  20. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon, Jordan commercials. This is my fave: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvzQ5_6-ctQ

    And one this one that’s still running almost incessantly on NBATV. The timing is awesome on the delivery of the lines — the sexual innuendo is perfectly not quite over the top: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvypu0AHM8A
    “Go play, mommy’s got something for daddy to do.” Classic.

  21. Gotta say my fav drops are……”I want a 12inch from Demarcus Cousins” , “gimme some raptor news” , “cool story bro” , but the one that takes the cake these days is Leigh Ellis’ “What a Card!”

  22. The Uncle Drew Series that Pepsi started doing. Seeing Kyrie and K-Love as old men is awesome haha.

  23. One of the most epic shows you did this year. No wait, it’s probably the funniest one we’ve had all year.

    My favorite drops are “We don’t know!”, which makes me laugh every time, “Junior Smythe”, which I repeated so much one evening that my wife was semi-pissed at me and “WOW” which makes me think about Hansbrough’s face during that commercial which is priceless.

    And you guys should have more Bill Walton drops, he’s just that hilarious (which is both a compliment and a insult, depending on the situation…)

    The T-Mobile commercials were pretty funny. I liked the “There can only be one” commercials, the Freestyle ones. And many more. I just can’t pick ONE favorite.

    And that “walking on the beach” brought back some memories. Great stuff!

  24. Money, it’s GOTTA be the shoes!

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yJasNo0An28 I’m telling you this is the best add out there! Its not like basketball players rap everyday!

  26. Lebron commercial featuring the late Bernie Mac, Jerry West, Dr. J


  27. Feel like MattyO deserves some props for his Sublime i don’t practice Santorini reference

  28. Favorite Commercials
    1) The Jordan one that Skeets mentioned
    2) Air Force 25s (?), the basketball in the aircraft hanger with the Juelz Santana track
    3) Any KG commercial (particularly the Monty Python Gatorade ones)
    4) LeBron’s chalk commercial

  29. 99 Lockout!!!

    3 white guys playing Hoops!!!

  30. Can’t forget about Gheorghe Muresan Cologne!


    “You want to smell like me?!”

  31. What is the name of the old mailbag song? That’s my first time hearing it and it’s awesome!

  32. Best commercials were the Nike pupppet ones where Kobe and Lebron lived together. It was Keenan Thompson and David Alan Grier voicing them….CLASSIC


  33. best ad is the Nique reebok ads for the double pump in the early 90′s.. he goes to dunk it but then the rim comes to life and scoots off cos its scared.

    Also LJ’s grandmama ads were great too

  34. I want the “North Carolina!!” drop to come back…

  35. Dr. J and Stevie Wonder! http://youtu.be/29A_s3e3gng

  36. So is the Tas creeper wave lost to posterity?

  37. Can’t believe you guys missed the most obvious choice for best “NBA Related” commercial of all time:

    Barkley’s “Sir Charles” Right Guard spots — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZaRUpXO-0Q

    Well…off the foxes!


  39. the greater vancouver area’s population is 2.3 million, not including the Fraser Valley.. it could easily support a team

    • Yup, Vancouver is currently the 19th largest tv sports market in North America, and there’s only NHL and MLS teams there right now. Admittedly, Seattle should get a team before Vancouver for a multitude of reasons, but I don’t think the idea of a Vancouver team should be dismissed as easily as you fellows did.

  40. My two favorite NBA-related commercials:

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Gheorghe Muresan Dancing

  41. For best commercial, you gotta go with Mars Blackmon:

  42. Went through Nimbin during a school camp. Police station there is pretty useless. They told us not to accept any food from the locals, but we did go into the Bring a Bong… Interesting place and they make excellent hot chocolate and coffee. Thanks Mr. S

  43. I got pretty happy when I heard Stepping on the Beach, which begs the question, why did you guys stop doing it?

  44. 17 hours and no video? I want to see the sweaters…

  45. Speaking of “it’s all happening here!”, that was the great Bill Lawry’s catchphrase! Lee should be able to direct you to some cricket clips where you can get Bill working himself into a frenzy and saying exactly that!

  46. It was a great show one of the best the year

    Tas eisai megas

  47. Good to hear the Australian National Rugby League get a mention. Edrick Lee will be a superstar. Seems Talent runs in the Patty mills family. Never knew they were related!!

  48. I’m surprised nobody mentionned MJ’s “Failure” Nike commercial. Not spectacular, but very inspiring.

  49. How about the Nike ad featuring Vince as Dr. Funk? The crossover+shot/block/alley-oop sequence gives me chills.


    Also, “We don’t know!” and “WOW!” are simply classic drops.

  50. You guys should play the Sex Warriors in Donkeyball!

  51. Best NBA Commercial ever: I don’t know how this one can be forgotten.

    NBA Forever (TNT spot for 2011 NBA season opening)


    • There is something about Bird passing to Ray Allen for a three and Jordan fist bumping D Rose. Perfect music for this commercial.

  52. Where is the “Hammmburger!” drop from?

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