Ballin: DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay combined to score 52 points on 31 shots, while the Atlanta Hawks started Johan Petro in a headband. That’s your entire Raptors-Hawks summary.

Not so much: Two games last night, both featuring a playoff team and a non-playoff team, both decided by at least 16 points. Last night’s big loser was basketball fans and also Kyle Korver’s headband.

High fives: More Clippers fanciness, if that tickles your fancy.

Feel free to leave your favorite Billy Crystal joke in the comments. Mine is Tom Scharpling steamrolling him about the Jazzman.

Indicative: Larry Drew said his main goal for last night’s game was to keep everyone healthy. That’s how much the Hawks cared about winning, so that’s how much you should care about the result.

Impossible: Yet another fan hit a halfcourt shot to win something, but this guy really swagged it out.

Way to go, Kevin. We’re all proud of you. Count it.

Other things: “Chauncey Billups Feeds Blake Between His Legs” is an unintentionally hilarious and completely accurate way to describe this play … Can’t believe the Raptors’ announcers didn’t call this double block a double-double. Shoutout to Tim Horton’s coffee cups … The Clippers lead the league in some very exciting categories … A potential Seattle-Sacramento compromise … Tracy McGrady in a Spurs jersey already feels weird