Ep. 968: We’re All Set

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown the last night of the NBA regular season. Topics discussed include: the Lakers’ high-low offense, Dwight Howard’s D, Chandler Parsons’ line-drive three-pointer, Jodie Meeks’ dunk, the sad Jazz, Steph Curry’s three-point record, and Rasheed Wallace’s second retirement.

All that, plus bootleg Esperanza Spalding DVDs and Leigh opens his last pack of NBA basketball cards.


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  1. why won’t there be any youtube videos of the playoff coverage?

    feels odd, especially after watching you guys talk about so many (rather irrelevant) regular season games..

  2. Shitttttttttttt the download link isnt updated yet :( Kick in the dick!

  3. So what about Adult Cereals mr. trey melas?
    This time soggy or more crunchy and hard?

  4. So, I’m assuming Tas had never been to a jazz concert?

  5. FYI, Manute Bol wore 10 for the Warriors during Tim Hardaway’s rookie year. When he left, Hardaway took the 10. Warriors should retire his number, but can’t because David Lee is wearing 10.

    Similar thing happened to Gary Payton, he started off wearing 2 his first few years before switching to 20.

  6. Real athletes retire twice. But really sheed is fukkin annoying now, he was funny when he was actualy a good NBA player

  7. I would give anything for that Charles Shackleford card autographed by Leigh Ellis as Moses Malone…

  8. Thank you for mentioning the Kings, Trey. It’s very frustrating to have this issue unresolved. Props for recognizing that fact.

  9. every time “Working Class Man” is dropped, an angel get its wings.

  10. Tas sounded like the grinch haha

    “That’s one thing I hate! All the noise, noise, noise, noise!”

  11. I think it was me with “Sheed and the boys in the Jingle Bells video. We were quite stoned at the time so i cant be sure…

  12. Why so long to upload video version? I don’t want to listen Leigh opening cards, I need to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Lol did anyone else catch Treys little comment after Leigh said he’s saving the Tim Hadaway card for the ladies? Trey said “he’d like that” subtly hinting at Hardaways homophobia lmao very clever….

  14. apparently Tas has never listened to jazz before? Basic jazz form is a head, solos on the theme by most players and then the head again. WTF tas, you lost all cool points in my eyes. Claiming you like spaulding, ha. Dude, pretty girl with a bass! awesome. oh wait, its jazz?

    • what’s up miles davis! thanks for informing us about this ‘jazz’ think no one has ever heard about! I wasn’t aware of the fact that there are no annoying solos in any musical genre, especially not in jazz! every solo ever played is an awe-inspiring form of sheer greatness (duh) and no one is allowed to have any critical remarks about anything.

      dude. for real. have you seen footage of esperanza spalding in concert? it can be annoying as fuck. it’s not exactly minimalist… I mean, can we agree that both miles circa ‘bitches brew’, as well as paul desmond-ish smoove grooves are great examples of jazz?
      well esperanza spalding is not within that range. as far as I’m concerned it’s mostly crappy pop jazz on amphetamines for half of the time. I don’t care how cool she looks.

  15. Best thing about this episode was the usually quite JD chuckling away in the corner while filming when they were talking about Jazz concerts etc.

    TBJ is just great.

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