Hey basketball internet, I have some news you are going to be very interested in. It involves the NBA and “Parks and Recreation,” which are two of the best things that get even better when they are combined, which is actually kind of a lot.

Here it is, courtesy of Zach Lowe’s Grantland Q+A with Roy Hibbert:

Warning: There’s only one right answer to the following question. Who is your favorite Parks and Rec character?

My favorite guy is Ben Schwartz. We’ve become really good friends.

Wait … which one is he?

He’s Jean-Ralphio.

Oh, he’s really funny. He’s just not in the show that often.

Man, he is funny. He’s actually gonna go to my wedding and [be] in my bachelor party.

That’s great. The correct answer, by the way, is Ron Swanson.

Ron [Nick Offerman] is a nice guy. I talk to Ron — we had dinner in Indy with a couple of cast members. He’s a funny guy. Really good guy.

Entertainment 720 is back in business, y’all! Hopefully Tommy H gets an invite too. I’m sure he’d chip in some apps and zerts, so you know that’s a worthwhile invitation.

Oh, and April Ludgate loves Chris Bosh, by the way. Pawnee, IN is the best fictional place on Earth. Take me there.