Since Jay-Z is selling his Nets shares, I’m not sure if I’m legally still allowed to use his lyrics when describing things that are happening with his soon-to-be-former team. But even if I’m not, I have a feeling the Office of Blogging Rules and Regulations will give me special dispensation for this case, because calling the Nets’ playoff plan “all black everything” is just too perfect.

From the New York Times:

The Nets are doing all they can to build up the franchise’s first playoff appearance since 2007 — and the first playoff appearance by a Brooklyn team since 1956 — as a must-see event. The playoff décor: black on black.

The blackout is the brainchild of the Nets’ chief executive officer, Brett Yormark. The hope is to create a unified (and intimidating) atmosphere: fans wearing black while sitting in black seats and watching the action on a court with black trim. And yes, even the players might be wearing black, even though the Nets traditionally wear white at home.

“The goal is to wear black at home,” said Fred Mangione, the team’s chief marketing officer.

The Nets would need permission from the Bulls to alter their designated uniforms, permission that is normally given without much issue. Mangione said black towels would be distributed to fans for Game 2.

Even if this would mean not seeing the Bullies in their fantastic red uniforms, I am fully on board with this blacked out mission. (And if it means red vs. black, even better.) The Nets’ black uniforms are way better than their white ones — the away blacks look tough and sleek, the home whites look like default create-a-team kits — and I’ve always wanted to see what they would look like in the Nets’ already-pretty-black arena, which is striking in its blackness. It’s the best of both worlds, shoutout to R. Kelly.

One concern I see with this, however, is the effect it could have on Deron Williams’ precious sightlines. If the players didn’t like shooting in the cavernous abyss that is the Prudential Center, imagine what they’re going to think looking out in to an audience that could be none more black. If they don’t like looking at a giant, empty stadium, imagine how disconcerting it’s going to be going to the line to shoot free throws and just seeing several thousand floating heads. Not only is it probably really trippy and sort of like a Blue Man Group performance, it probably makes it feel like you’re shooting a basketball in to a very creepy cave where instead of bats there are human heads. I’m just spitballing here, but for a team that spent the entire previous season complaining about their shooting backdrop, maybe making it nonexistent as they head in to the playoffs isn’t the best idea.

That being said, if it happens, it’s probably going to look awesome, which is really the most important thing. Well, that and performing well in their first playoff series since a Russian billionaire bought the team and guaranteed a title within five years, but same difference.

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  1. Leave the black for the Spurs. You’re the Nets, celebrate Dr. J, not Jay-Z.

  2. ….?

    The hope of creating an atmosphere of black will appear intimidating….

    Sell away, Jaz-Z, I understand.


  3. I think it’s a great idea and would look really intimidating

  4. I guess they gotta get rid of BroLo and Teletovic to send them to Humphries’ entourage

  5. i would love black vs red. looks great when colors play colors

  6. I don’t get why the NBA doesn’t follow the NFL’s lead and let the home team pick whatever uniform it wants and the road team wears their opposites. It’s just odd to see the Sea of Red in Chicago when the Bulls wear their whites against Miami (wearing their reds).

  7. This is so stupid lmao. And the fact that they added “intimidating” in there makes it laughable.

    It’s a color for f*cks sake! The only thing it’s going to do is make it harder to see

  8. Well, how much more black can it be? The answer is none. None more black.

  9. They should play Miami so we can have black vs white crowds haha

  10. That’s something to really worry about when you’re trying to win the NBA Championship… the color of your home jersey. JayZ is with out question all style and zero substance.

  11. Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn. The black unis are better but the white ones aren’t that bad, I’d like to see an all-black sleeve version for the Nets like the Warriors anyway great blog Trey

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