Well, I’m speechless. And really, that seems like the proper reaction.

(via Oakley and Allen)

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  1. he uses his epic gotee not it’s fullest potential

  2. “You wanna know how to rhyme you better learn how to add.”

  3. Damn, that goatee is so dense it makes his lips look like they’re floating around in a black void.

    Also, Iman Shumperts flattop is badass.

  4. The Audio is neat!

    Really enjoying knicks related Music/Vids thes days:
    - “Melo, is it three you´re looking for”
    - Junior Smeath is “so right”
    and now this pearl of laid back music!


  5. fkn boss-like.

    subtle beauty.

  6. yo trey, this article is rather silly but thought you might enjoy it


  7. Hah, so much frustration there… The look of disbelief on his face is staggering.

  8. This amused me way more than it should have.

  9. HAHAHAH. Omygod the signatures.. “How are you?” **smiles** Then absolutely no facial expression seconds later. Phenomenal

  10. It is true. Primo beats make everything cool.

  11. He would be a great poker player…assuming he can play poker.

  12. “Why did one straw break the camel’s back? Here the secret. There’s a million other straws underneath it. Its all mathematics.” – Mos Def

    His goatee is going to grab a clipboard and throw it at a ref when he snaps.

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