On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap all eight NBA playoff games from the busy weekend. Topics discussed include: Andre Miller’s YMCA game, David Lee’s injured right hip flexor, face-guarding Curry, Manu, Kobe’s live-tweets, what was wrong with the Grizzlies, Eric Bledsoe, nervous Rockets, brutal Boston turnovers, LeBron’s cool line, a fit lookin’ Deron Williams, and the Pacers’ energy.

All that, plus binoculars, Westbrook’s missing sleeves, and some math problems.


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  1. Nice Chicago reference in the headline Trey.

  2. Just wanted to tell you that I was standing in my kitchen here in Munich, Germany, making pancakes while listening to the Fix. Imagine my surprise when Tas uttered his last line… o_O

  3. When the Clippers make quick work of the Grizzlies, will Tas finally admit that the Grizzlies aren’t as good as them?

  4. Very uneventful weekend of basketball. Everything went according to plan, with the exception of Kobe trying to still be a topic of conversation (GTFO with the live game tweets)

    Only watched the Hawks/ Pacers game, Psycho T was on fire. Indiana’s toughness is unmatchable


  5. Trey –

    Please do an entire show with the Andre Miller voice. Had me cracking up over here. Sounded like Kermit.

  6. did they put wilson chandler’s tooth back in his head after he left it in david lee’s elbow a few seasons ago?

  7. Can’t put Allen on Chris Paul too much because the ball swings to Billups who easily posts up Conley.

    I was surprised that the Grizzlies didnt go to Prince down low when the Clippers went small and the Grizz went small to match them.

  8. An interesting stat to add on to the discussion about how much Hansbrough gets hit in the face: on average, NBA teams averaged just under four flagrant fouls this year. The Pacers contrary to their reputation of sometimes being overly physical only committed two. Only one team has had 10 or more committed against them though, and that’s the Pacers (Clippers are 2nd with 9 and then a bunch of teams with 6). They have drawn 18 flagrant fouls including at least 5 flagrant 2′s. It could be a coincidence, but they’re so far ahead that it looks like they just must cause their opponent to snap after awhile.

  9. Why is it taking so long to put the video up? I eat my lunch everyday while watching the tbj for the last couple of years…now I’m starving. Please put the video up.

    A very big fan

    p.s. keep up the great work

    • “a very big fan” would have heard the guys endlessly repeat that there is no video for the playoffs..unless you catch the live feed

  10. Apropos of nothing, but did anybody else notice KD seems to have a lazy eye in that Gatorade commercial with Wade?

  11. Something I would be interested to hear discussion about tomorrow in the Grizz-Clips game would be the amount of fouls that the Clips bigs are getting. Is their fouling intentional or unintentional? Many times in the game tonight Turiaf, Odom, or Hollins would foul before the shot was up and prevent Gasol or Randolph from getting FTs or a good look at the basket. I’m not saying that it would be an automatic bucket, but I would like the Grizz’s chances in that situation taking the shot over drawing a foul. If that’s something intentional that they are doing I have to say it’s really smart, but I’m thinking it’s one of those dumb luck things.

    Also credit the Clips, they are trapping and suffocating the Grizz big men with their defense. The spacing issues of the Grizzlies are really coming into focus.

    Finally, heck of shot by CP3; great, crazy shot by him. Something that will never be mentioned by anyone is that Darrell was held by Blake on that play. I’m not sure if it really matters in the end that he got held because CP3 released that thing so high. But does he effect it just a little bit more? Who knows

    Plain and simple Grizz lost the game at the FT line and got outworked by the Clips.

  12. Kevin Harlan – drivelling blow-hard.

  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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