Let your ears feast upon this bit of musical genius, then we can talk about it.

Now for some comments about this:

  • George Hill (last verse) isn’t a very good rapper, but Trinidad James had been rapping for less than a year when “All Gold Everything” was recorded, so there’s not that big of a difference.
  • Is Mike Epps the Tyler or Ben Hansbrough of the non-related Epps Brothers? At first I thought Ben, but when you look at Omar’s IMDb page, maybe Mike is the Tyler.
  • “Frank Vogel, you a good coach and we down with ya” followed by “Pacer … hat, go buy one, make sure it fit ya” is Shakespearean in its beauty.
  • Mike Epps doesn’t care if the Knicks are winning.
  • “Pass the ball and I shoot it WOO!” is no “Popped a molly I’m sweatin’ WOO,” but then again, nothing is.
  • There is 100 percent definitely a Mike Epps adlib in here that is simply him saying “Onion rings,” which means he probably did several takes of just saying “Onion rings” in to the mic.
  • Pacers is their name.
  • Not a single “Goldmember” reference. Shameful.

This seems to be our first team anthem of the playoffs, which is always a big moment. Can’t wait to hear the Clippers’ version of “Started from the Bottom.”

(via Indy Cornrows)

Comments (7)

  1. The original song has been the Clippers’ theme for the entire season. I do enjoy this version immensely, though.

  2. Horrible!!! Trinidad may have only been rapping for a year but at least his version is something I can tolerate and actually listen to without being annoyed!

  3. Sorry I’m posting this in 2 blog posts here, but I would really like to see what you guys think of the first comment.

    Something I would be interested to hear discussion about tomorrow in the Grizz-Clips game would be the amount of fouls that the Clips bigs are getting. Is their fouling intentional or unintentional? Many times in the game tonight Turiaf, Odom, or Hollins would foul before the shot was up and prevent Gasol or Randolph from getting FTs or a good look at the basket. I’m not saying that it would be an automatic bucket, but I would like the Grizz’s chances in that situation taking the shot over drawing a foul. If that’s something intentional that they are doing I have to say it’s really smart, but I’m thinking it’s one of those dumb luck things.

    Also credit the Clips, they are trapping and suffocating the Grizz big men with their defense. The spacing issues of the Grizzlies are really coming into focus.

    Finally, heck of shot by CP3; great, crazy shot by him. Something that will never be mentioned by anyone is that Darrell was held by Blake on that play. I’m not sure if it really matters in the end that he got held because CP3 released that thing so high. But does he effect it just a little bit more? Who knows

    Plain and simple Grizz lost the game at the FT line and got outworked by the Clips.

  4. After clamoring all season for a Mike Epps/George Hill collab… FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  5. George, you have a future for post NBA!! We miss you here in San Antonio, but we are delighted with your success. We hope you are happy and go all the way… until the Spurs beat you for the NBA championship! I bought your jersey because I was so impressed by you. It is retired until I find a new inspiration here in SA. (I bought Michael Young and Josh Hamilton jerseys for my husband and I for the baseball season and THEY are gone, so they too are retired.) I’d send your a photo of the retired jerseys on our upstairs railing but there is no place for it! Good luck and remember – you are beloved in SA!!

  6. I don’t usually listen to rap but of course I had to listen to this song because of my fav Mike Epps and George Hill I thought it was awesome! Gave a lot of respect to our Pacers which right now we aren’t getting Thank You very much Who knows maybe the next song you’ll be rapping about will be Bringing down the Mighty Heat!! It could happen!

  7. So nice!! I thought you are only a good 3 point shooter but also a rapper.. thumbs up for you 03 George Hill

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