Let your ears feast upon this bit of musical genius, then we can talk about it.

Now for some comments about this:

  • George Hill (last verse) isn’t a very good rapper, but Trinidad James had been rapping for less than a year when “All Gold Everything” was recorded, so there’s not that big of a difference.
  • Is Mike Epps the Tyler or Ben Hansbrough of the non-related Epps Brothers? At first I thought Ben, but when you look at Omar’s IMDb page, maybe Mike is the Tyler.
  • “Frank Vogel, you a good coach and we down with ya” followed by “Pacer … hat, go buy one, make sure it fit ya” is Shakespearean in its beauty.
  • Mike Epps doesn’t care if the Knicks are winning.
  • “Pass the ball and I shoot it WOO!” is no “Popped a molly I’m sweatin’ WOO,” but then again, nothing is.
  • There is 100 percent definitely a Mike Epps adlib in here that is simply him saying “Onion rings,” which means he probably did several takes of just saying “Onion rings” in to the mic.
  • Pacers is their name.
  • Not a single “Goldmember” reference. Shameful.

This seems to be our first team anthem of the playoffs, which is always a big moment. Can’t wait to hear the Clippers’ version of “Started from the Bottom.”

(via Indy Cornrows)