Ballin: You can tell me that a triple-double is a meaningless stat because someone just decided that round numbers are cooler, but Paul George’s 23-11-12 trip-dub from yesterday was still pretty legit. He added a steal and a block in the Pacers’ Game 1 win, so it’s like double legit.

Not so much: Earl Clark, who might be the fourth-best player on the Lakers right now, put up a whopping two stats yesterday. Not two points or two assists or two rebounds — two whole stats, a single rebound and a single personal foul. It took him 11 minutes to do that, which is probably why he didn’t want to waste any time recording a shot attempt, which he didn’t.

Stanky: LeBron James has tremendous jumping ability.

El BJ went for a modest 27 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in Miami’s win, but I think it’s more important that we take a little bit of time to remember Stephon Marbury’s stank face. Any time a dunk and its subsequent celebration can bring to mind that legendary bit of emotion, it’s been a successful play.

Style watch: Judging by that photo up top, Russell Westbrook’s playoff sartorial inspiration is going to be the A$AP Mob. Tim Duncan, meanwhile, has decided on shaved head/Abe Lincoln beard without a mustache as his postseason grooming choice.

Punch up work: Hey Shelvin Mack, there’s a Paul George right behind you.

If this basketball thing doesn’t work out for Paul George, my co-ed beach volleyball team is looking for a decent outside hitter. He has options.

Dan Uggla: Here’s something bad for Jeremy Lin to hear regarding yesterday’s Game 1 loss to the Thunder — he scored as many points (4) as Kendrick Perkins did. Even worse, Perkins made twice as many shots as Lin. And even worse than that, Kendrick Perkins only made two shots.

Fly fly: Do you like dunks or mohawks? Then you’ll love this.

Remember that time Kevin Harlan said Chris Andersen had a “sweet mohawk?” Because I do and it was weird.

Mob mentality: Matt Bonner scored 10 points in yesterday’s Spurs win. The entire Lakers bench — the fearsome foursome of Jodie Meeks, Antawn Jamison, Earl “Not So Much” Clark and Darius Morris, who played a combined 50 minutes — also scored 10.

Other things: Steve Blake probably had the crossover of the day … Kobe Bryant bought all the Lakers laptops to congratulate them on making the playoffs. Each one of them has tracking software installed so that Kobe can make sure his teammates follow through when he tells them to check his Twitter … LeBron James wore a really leafy sweatshirt yesterday #420 … This is almost unbelievable, but ANOTHER fan hit a halfcourt shot to win a prize. This time it was $20,000 at the Thunder game, which is the third time that has happened this season … David Lee tore his right hip flexor in his first ever playoff game and will now be out for the rest of the season