(Vine note: Click the speaker button in the top left to hear sound. The video should loop automatically.)

If you think it’s weird that Andre Drummond loves penguins so much that a real-life penguin would give him a baby penguin, just wait until you see what happens when the baby penguin grows up to be seven feet tall.  That one’s after the jump, so go nuts.

Yep, even weirder than the first one. I mean, it’s hard to really do anything but write great rap songs in six seconds, so I get why these don’t make that much sense. Everything besides that, however, is just bizarre. The penguin stuff, the banana in the pants, that he’s obviously spending an entire night making Vine videos — strange all around.

Nonetheless, I hope you’ve enjoyed these 12 seconds of Andre Drummond opining on penguins. He’s our generation’s Morgan Freeman.

(via RJ Weir)