On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap last night’s Bulls-Nets and Grizzlies-Clippers Game 2′s. Topics discussed include: Chris Paul’s game-winning bank-shot, Crawford’s video game highlights, Conley’s bounce-back performance, Tony Allen’s Hail Mary passes, Joakim Noah’s resolve, Boozer screams, Chicago’s transition defense, and another Air-ry Stackhouse. Seriously.

All that, plus PG’s MIP, laundry, and Derrick Rose being cleared to celebrate.


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  1. Lionel hollins is an idiot. What’s the point in getting a game tying dunk with 10 seconds left for cp3 to operate…no fouls to give? Gotta burn some clock and chuck a 3! That being said Memphis is too good to only have a 6% chance to win the series

    • When your offense ranges from Suck-to-Meh, better to score whenever the opportunity is there and rely on your great defense.

  2. Derrick Rose wore Craig Saiger nicest suit yesterday!

  3. Joakim Noah is the captain of my I-Only-Hate-You-Because-You-Don’t-Play-For-Rooting-Interests Team. Boozer is the captain of my I-Love-That-You-Don’t-Play-For-Rooting-Interests Team.

    • My I-Love-That-You-Don’t-Play-For-Rooting-Interests Starting Five:

      1. Nick Young
      2. Monta Ellis
      3. Big Al
      4. Boogie Cousins
      5. JaVale McGee

      • That’s a solid 5. Got some guys out-of-position but maybe that’s perfect considering the basis of the team.

  4. @ Trey : being in Europe and not working at night all the time, I catch up a lot of games in the morning. Guess what I do sometimes while watching the game ? Folding laundry :-)

  5. Why no non-live video during the playoffs?

  6. you guys should really really also watch History Channel’s VIKINGS series.
    Bloody good!

  7. It was pretty fantastic to be in Staples Center last night for the win. Memphis most definitely played a much better game -especially Conley- but Chris Paul is really the difference here. The best player in a series wills his team to victory too often. It’s most definitely the Clippers’ series to lose now.

    God damn that buzzer beater was amazing. Thanks be to “basketball reasons”, Chris Paul, and another Clippers win.

  8. I lost all respect for Rose. He should have come back to help the Bulls in the playoffs. If he’s not playing because the Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference, he should just retire and come back when the Heat are not dominate anymore.

  9. that would be fucking awesome to see lebron take his team to the finals without wade

    • I think he would make it with just Bosh, but he shouldn’t even be MVP with Wade AND Bosh in his team.

  10. Trey had the squish game going on today. Great shirt, loving the bigguns.

  11. You guys mentioned Carl Landry doing laundry today and my buddy posted this on our blog today which is weird. And funny.


  12. The heat would still win it all without Wade. Lebron is too good.

  13. Griffin’s a first quarter player because Paul dominates the ball so much more in the fourth.

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