Ballin: Mike Conley led last night’s festivities in scoring (28) and assists (9), but I think even he would agree that Chris Paul was the best point guard of the evening. We can conversate on that in a minute.

Not so much: Speaking of people who Chris Paul is better than, Deron Williams followed up his 22-point, 8-assist Game 1 performance with a solid disappearing act. Willywill scored just eight points on the evening while shooting a Gerald Wallace-ian 1-9 from the field. D-Dog did add 10 assists, so it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but come on guy.

Marriage talk: Here is a conversation I had this morning while watching the final half-minute of last night’s Clippers-Grizzlies game. My wife asked me, “Who do you think is going to win?” as the Clippers were bringing the ball up for their final possession. I answered, “Clippers. Chris Paul is awesome.” Then this happened and I looked like some sort of combination between a soothsayer and a genius.

The nice thing about a Phantom camera is that it slows the game down so much that it’s almost possible for us mere mortals to operate on Chris Paul’s level, because at normal speed that shot didn’t look like a warmup floater. Straight baller, this guy.

Huge: I don’t know how often it’s going to be mentioned, but Carlos Boozer grabbed four rebounds in the fourth quarter of last night’s Bulls win, and every single one of them seemed to be in the middle of a crowd. #Respect.

Celebrations: You tell me — do the Bulls like celebrating?

I see you back there jumping, Derrick Rose. Knee sure looks fine. (J/K.)

Also huge: As long as we are talking about oft-maligned big men who made positive contributions to playoff wins last night, which we obviously are, shoutout to Lamar Odom. Sure, he totaled zero points, five rebounds and two assists, but he had a HUGE block on Zach Randolph early in the fourth and a sweet assist to Eric Bledsoe a bit later, and both of those plays were huge momentum things. Good stuff.

Jammy: Watching Jamal Crawford go off is pretty fun. Here he is dropping 10 straight on the Western Conference’s best defense in a playoff game.

Jerryd Bayless watched these highlights and that’s why all the hair fell out of his head. Sorry, Jaybles.

Supplements: Because these in-betweeners are apparently where I commend supporting players for their roles, check out Eric Bledsoe’s big block from last night. Lil’ Muscles also added eight points, four rebounds and an assist in just 12 minutes of playing time. Probably why Chris Paul is already preparing for life without him.

Other things: A very covert, very non-mainstream peen grab maneuver from Zach Randolph … Here is LeBron James’ postgame sweatshirt if he were friends with Zach Braff and liked that overrated “Garden State” movie … Jordan Crawford got a first place vote for Sixth Man of the Year because someone mixed him up with Jamal Crawford, Luke Babbitt got a third placer but no one can crack the code on that one … Here’s Phil Jackson explaining why Chris Paul’s pushoffs last night were different than Michael Jordan’s pushoffs from back in ’98 … Do you want a Chris Webber t-shirt or not? Because you can buy one from Million Dollar Ballers