Old people talking about Twitter — is it the best or the worst?

While you’re considering that very important question, I’ll offer you two pieces of information regarding Twitter from a couple of NBA old guys. The first is Tim Duncan, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears:

On why he isn’t on social media, Spurs Tim Duncan says: “Because I have no desire to tell you what I’m doing.”

The second is Metta World Peace, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

Metta on if Kobe’s tweeting is a distraction: “Absolutely not … I’m a distraction.”

If you were ever looking for the perfect definition of the difference betwixt Tim Duncan and Metta World Peace, you’d be hard pressed to find something more fitting than these two statements. On one hand, you have Tim Duncan completely ducking the spotlight because he doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s doing. On the other hand, you have Metta World Peace volunteering that even he knows he’s a distraction. This is two sentences about a microblogging service, but they are totally indicative of everything about these two guys.

Oh, and don’t be too salty about not getting to know what Tim Duncan is up to all the time. Us humans would have a hard time deciphering the robot noises his operating system would automatically publish to Twitter anyways, so it’s not a big deal.

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  1. Respect for Timmy rising even higher

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