On Wednesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown a busy night of playoff action. Topics include: Denver’s snapped 24-game home winning streak, the Warriors hot shooting, Mark Jackson’s small-ball adjustments, Paul Pierce’s failure to solve Raymond Felton, KG’s foul trouble, J.R. Smith’s celebrations, the dominance of the Miami Heat, and coach Mike Brown’s return to Cleveland.

All that, plus pedicures, LeBron James’ broken phone, and the perverse incentives of coaching the Charlotte Bobcats.


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  1. Does someone know the reason for why there is no non-live video during the playoffs?

  2. Let’s just call Skeets the Black Falcon from now on!

  3. i haven’t worn socks with any regularity for about a year and a half. granted, i wear sebago docksides. cool story bro.

  4. After all the ‘Game of Thrones’ talk over the past couple of weeks I decided to finally marathon through the series. WELL WORTH IT.

  5. i love how you guys are as big thronesheads and ballheads as me!! pray tell, this continues till A Dream of Spring!!

  6. “Monte Ellis tipped the ball” was a brilliant line, Tas. Just wanted to make sure you got some recognition for it. Great podcast as always guys!

  7. David Lee shmavid lee

  8. After listening to the podcast yesterday (4/24), specifically the Mike Dunlap being fired from the Bobcats. It was scarcely mentioned, but do you believe that they sacked Dunlap because they did see a good amount of improvement (21 wins vs. 7 wins)?

    With the 2014 Draft Class shaping up to be one of the best in the past decade and the Bobcats 1st round picks only Top-10 and Top-12 protected, maybe MJ was nervous about the outside chance of losing one of these picks. As Leigh eluded to, the Bobcats are scarce for talent with Ben Gordon and MKG. It’s essentially a double-edged sword: Retain coach for first time in years and build on this year’s improvements or hire new coach (rebuilding period) and have a chance at the stellar class that is coming in (Andrew Wiggins, Jabrai Parker, etc.).

  9. 4 coaches in 4 years.. Charlotte will never find a good coach knowing they’re getting fired after seasons end. Jordan is just sick of the losing mentality, you can’t justify NOT firing the coaches after 7-20 win seasons..

    What’s worse on your coaching resume than being fired by the Charlotte Cats?

  10. MattyO always struck me as a groomer.

  11. Great job today by J.D. Martinez, Skeet Ulrich, Tasmanian Devil, and Trey Burke, as usual

  12. i am a big fan of that warriors game!

  13. Leigh: “No one wants that job. Why would you?….Yeah, I mean for money and stuff”

    Leigh, I totally agree with your point. Just thought the way you phrased it was hilarious. Jordan needs to stand behind the coaches he hires. How can any coach (especially a young, unestablished one) maintain any authority when the players are pretty sure he’ll be gone in a season?

  14. Skeets – I think the 40 games in 40 nights is a TNT thing only. There are way more than 40 games total and TNT only gets about half of them. Also, TNT doesn’t get the finals and 40 nights only lasts until the end of the conference finals

  15. THIS is for you mr. melas!
    sorry i just think that guy is so overrated like breaking bad.
    yep i said it!

  16. Trey is to that Zach Lowe article as Tas is to Haralabos’ twitter feed the entire regular season.


  17. “Did you read that in a Zach Lowe article” rofl

  18. Can leigh do a podcast with just him talking.

  19. BEST……TITLE….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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