We’ve read the emails: “Hey guys, I talk exclusively in TBJ drops, but I’m tired of the old ones. Can you make another soundboard?”

Our answer? Somewhere between “We don’t know!” and “You sound insane!”

Then, the Playoffs hit and we knew it was time for everyone to step their drop game up. With that in mind, we proudly present The Basketball Jones Soundboard, V2.0.

Like Monta Ellis, this soundboard has it all. But be careful — ees a SPICCCY one!

Comments (50)

  1. Really want to know where Broke Lapiz and Junior Smythe come from…

  2. Oh god YIIISSSS

    I needed more clips to annoy my friends with.

  3. This is a good idea. And you know what they say about good ideas…

  4. I hope someone makes the unofficial android app again!

  5. Still no Tas chicken drop?…awwww shit

  6. No MELO! I need that drop!

  7. Where’s the Scarface “PELICAN!” drop? Best one for sure

  8. I’ve probably hit the Monta Ellis drop 1,000 times already.

  9. Okay I’ve been meaning to ask for ages: what is the hamburger drop from?

  10. We still need “Come on, pelican!” and the “Boring” series

  11. I can’t wait for v3.0, when I can play “I sound like a Chinese man” as much as I want!

  12. He’s a spicy one is the greatest thing ever. It should be used a minimum of twenty times a show.

  13. Man, do I love Bill Walton

  14. Yesss! The snakes drop at last! This has been criminally under-used in recent weeks…

  15. This is amazing. I was really hoping for the Jesse Venutura (I think?) “That’s not a loser, that’s a wise man in the woods!” drop. Does anyone even know where that’s from? I’ve been googling/youtubing for weeks trying to find it.

  16. I’m still pining for Leigh saying “CARLOS!”, imitating how Franscisco Garcia will be calling Carlos Deflino now that they’re teammates. Also, all the ZAZA drops. GAME 7 BABY!

  17. The “i’m sorry” one… is that Tracy Morgan?

  18. We NEED “I sound like a Chinese man” !

  19. Where is the awww shit one from?

  20. I have hit the “HamBURGER’ one about a thousand times already… can’t stop

  21. Best one is bob cole’s WEee DONT KNOW

    And monta elly havitall

  22. I like you, you make me feel good.

  23. Okay, voting for Johnny Flynn’s “I like you, you make me feel good” as the most underused drop.

  24. Please unleash “I sound like a Chinese man”

  25. seriously no “Chinese man”?

  26. Where is ”a good idea” from?

  27. “Kaw Kaw!” for v.3 *fingers crossed*

  28. this should be an iphone app…

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  31. Great Soundboard, my favs are definitely Shumpert and You Sound Insane. Only problem is you released this before possibly my fav drop of all time.

    BEVERLY! My old friend!

    It never, ever gets old

  32. does anybody know, where “Brooklyn AND/OR New York is in da house” drops come from?

    sound like old school hip hop songs, pleeaase!!! :D

  33. What’s the “O God, Too much fun.” From?

  34. Anyone know where we can find the “BEVERLY……MY OLD FRIEND” Drop? That is by far my favourite drop. Too good boys, Keep up the awesome work.

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