Ballin: I think Stephen Curry’s 30-point, 13-assist performance in the Warriors’ road win is pretty impressive. If you disagree, then you should reconsider your position, because I’m sure I’m right about this one.

Not so much: The Boston Celtics have won both first halves of their two games with the Knicks in their first round playoff series. But after last night’s 23-point second half, they’re now averaging 24 points total in quarters two and three, while losing the second halves of both games by a combined 33 points. That is, as they say, not good.

Bar-nezz: What you know about reverse dunks on guys who always look like they’re on the verge of tears? Harrison Barnes knows all about dat.

24 points, six boards, two assists, a steal and no turnovers in the win for Barnes, who looked pretty awesome sliding up to power forward in David Lee’s absence. Who knows if that sticks — Barnes has followed each of his three 20-point games this season with a single-digit performance in the next game — but it was mad chill for a night.

Nerpins: Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings combined Game 1 stats — 48 points, 18-39 shooting, five rebounds, five assists, five steals, five turnovers. Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings combined Game 2 stats — 15 points, 5-22 shooting, seven rebounds, 10 assists, four steals, six turnovers.

“Just Shoot Me” starring David Spade: 12 seconds of J.R. Smith playing perfect basketball starts … NOW!

Which is more impressive — J.R. scoring five points in eight seconds or J.R.’s celebration? It’s an important question, so I expect an answer.

Mob ties like Sinatra: If you like good shooting, you loved the Warriors last night. Not only did they shoot a franchise playoff-best 65 percent from the field, they also made the fourth-most threes they’ve ever made in a playoff game (14) while shooting the third-best percentage in a postseason game (56 percent).

Tip drill: I am still unsure if this is true, but it really looks like Dwyane Wade takes the ball off Monta Ellis’ hands on the way to this tip dunk.

P.S. I guess some people still call Dwyane Wade “Flash.” I thought that died out years ago. Still better than “WOW” though.

Matchups: Just a quicky-quick stat for you — Carmelo Anthony (34 points, 11-24 shooting) outscored and outshot the combined efforts of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (30 points, 12-28 shooting).

Other things: Actual quote from Reggie Miller last night: “Without Andre Miller’s contribution, I’m not sure the Nuggets win Game 1.” Yeah, man … Huge dunk from Andre Iguodala last night … The world’s biggest Birdman fan and the world’s smallest Birdman fan … An entire sub-Reddit dedicated to benches going wild … Picture up top is via some Memphis business