Ballin: I think Stephen Curry’s 30-point, 13-assist performance in the Warriors’ road win is pretty impressive. If you disagree, then you should reconsider your position, because I’m sure I’m right about this one.

Not so much: The Boston Celtics have won both first halves of their two games with the Knicks in their first round playoff series. But after last night’s 23-point second half, they’re now averaging 24 points total in quarters two and three, while losing the second halves of both games by a combined 33 points. That is, as they say, not good.

Bar-nezz: What you know about reverse dunks on guys who always look like they’re on the verge of tears? Harrison Barnes knows all about dat.

24 points, six boards, two assists, a steal and no turnovers in the win for Barnes, who looked pretty awesome sliding up to power forward in David Lee’s absence. Who knows if that sticks — Barnes has followed each of his three 20-point games this season with a single-digit performance in the next game — but it was mad chill for a night.

Nerpins: Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings combined Game 1 stats — 48 points, 18-39 shooting, five rebounds, five assists, five steals, five turnovers. Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings combined Game 2 stats — 15 points, 5-22 shooting, seven rebounds, 10 assists, four steals, six turnovers.

“Just Shoot Me” starring David Spade: 12 seconds of J.R. Smith playing perfect basketball starts … NOW!

Which is more impressive — J.R. scoring five points in eight seconds or J.R.’s celebration? It’s an important question, so I expect an answer.

Mob ties like Sinatra: If you like good shooting, you loved the Warriors last night. Not only did they shoot a franchise playoff-best 65 percent from the field, they also made the fourth-most threes they’ve ever made in a playoff game (14) while shooting the third-best percentage in a postseason game (56 percent).

Tip drill: I am still unsure if this is true, but it really looks like Dwyane Wade takes the ball off Monta Ellis’ hands on the way to this tip dunk.

P.S. I guess some people still call Dwyane Wade “Flash.” I thought that died out years ago. Still better than “WOW” though.

Matchups: Just a quicky-quick stat for you — Carmelo Anthony (34 points, 11-24 shooting) outscored and outshot the combined efforts of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (30 points, 12-28 shooting).

Other things: Actual quote from Reggie Miller last night: “Without Andre Miller’s contribution, I’m not sure the Nuggets win Game 1.” Yeah, man … Huge dunk from Andre Iguodala last night … The world’s biggest Birdman fan and the world’s smallest Birdman fan … An entire sub-Reddit dedicated to benches going wild … Picture up top is via some Memphis business

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  1. The 5 points in 8 seconds was better. I bet Nate Robinson could’ve thought of a better celebration

  2. The celebration was gold!

  3. Think that Memphis business chose to call the Clips wieners because their logo looks like one?

  4. Who else heard that annoying woman who was sitting too close to the mic when the heats were pulling away in the 3rd-4th Q?

    My wife was in the other room, and paying zero attention, and even she said “god, that woman needs to shut up”

  5. Actual quote from Reggie Miller: “You know, Andre Miller’s three point shot is so slow you’re never sure if he will get it off, but you know, his last name IS Miller. *chuckles to self*”

  6. The bench gifs subreddit is the greatest thing Reddit will ever do. Not that that’s saying a lot, but still.

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