Fans of puns and/or keeping dry are going to love this — an honest-to-goodness umbrella emblazoned with Shawn Kemp doing a nasty tomahawk. Why does it make sense? Because he’s the Reign Man, duh. And because he became famous in Seattle, which is famous for being rainy, duh. Duh.

The Reign Man umbrella comes from UNDRCRWN, the internet’s finest purveyor of basketball-ish goods, and it retails for $40, which means you need to make sure you don’t leave this in a cab. Lucky for you, forgetful umbrella owner, that Shawn Kemp graphic will make this easy to identify if one of your buddies is really in to old-timey stuff and keeps an umbrella storage canister near the door for when people visit. No more mistaking your black umbrella for your friend’s black umbrella or for your other friend’s black umbrella.

And hey, not many basketball players have weather-related nicknames, so this is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Unless someone makes a “Thunder” Dan Majerle rain slicker soon, this is pretty much it. Go nuts, amateur meteorologists.


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  1. There will be more Seattle transplants that buy this than actual Seattlites. While it rains here often, it’s usually in the form of a drizzle, sprinkle, or mist. Umbrellas use is what distinguishes the locals from the tourists in Seattle. Still a very cool umbrella.

  2. Ok. That thing is freakin awesome! A little bit expensive, though.

  3. I like this umbrella, I am a umbrella fan, it makes me happy to collect funny umbrellas.

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