On Thursday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown last night’s three NBA Playoff games. Topics include: the Rockets testing OKC, Kevin McHale’s brilliant coaching decisions, Patrick Beverley vs. Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker’s second half, the Lakers’ leg babies, Matt Bonner’s physical defense, the Spurs’ end-of-quarter runs, Indy highlights, George and George, Al Horford goin’ bonkers, and who called that preemptive “JAM!” on Jeff Pendergraph’s put-back dunk.

All that, plus SNL skits, Freddie Mercury, dog diarrhea, and fishing bait.

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Comments (16)

  1. Skeets looking like a prison chaplain today.

  2. I coulda sworn that fat Thunder fan’s stomach said “Shave the beard”

  3. mchale needs to give montejunas some minutes

  4. i died when the zaza GAAAAME SEEEEEVEEEEEEEN drop came through at the end. perfect placement. that alone should have pushed the show to a worm…

  5. Bait scale much better than the kate scale


  6. That shit was chum.

  7. #respect to Trey’s initial explanation of the bait scale.

    • err, Matt? Bait scale kills the stupid Kate scale, which is all kinds of weird and has no real justification. Matt’s 10 minute baut scale has way for thought into it and actually makes sense. Now, if we could just get JD on the mike more (like the blank jones), this show would be off the hook.

  8. Beverley is exciting to watch. Love how he went for the steal on the timeout call, RW almost lost it

  9. Skeets yelling “JAM!” is good material for a drop

  10. Matt’s obviously not a fisherman. I’ll buy the jig at the bottom, but fly-fishing and tying flies definitely takes more skill and demands more respect than throwing a worm on a hook and plunking it in the water.

  11. Yams was a notable and prolific scatter.

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