This is barely NBA-related, but it’s such a weird coincidence of NBA-related personalities that I feel like you need to know about it. From the New York Post:

The next target for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports banner is potential No. 1 NHL draft pick Seth Jones, according to sources. The son of Nets assistant coach and former Nuggets player Popeye Jones is already repped by CAA, Roc Nation’s partner. But sources said Jay-Z’s organization wants to strike a deal to be involved in the star’s marketing and branding, reports The Post’s Kirsten Fleming. Jones would then benefit from both sides of the CAA and Roc Nation partnership.

Yep, that’s right — a former Nets owner is hoping to represent the son of a former NBA player (and current NBA assistant coach) in the NHL draft, so that he can help make him a star.

Or to put it more simply, this guy…


…is trying to make this guy’s son cool…


…from playing hockey.

The world is weird sometimes.

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  1. TBJ is weird sometimes, but thats why we lov it

  2. Jay-Z’s going to nickname him ‘Swee’Pea’ and try to make him rap, isn’t he? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Nickelback to get into hockey player management?

  3. Greatest Player Profile Photo ever? I mean is there another one even close Trey?

  4. LOL! Where did you find that pic of Popeye?!?!

  5. Why so mean? Have some class please…

  6. @John. The photo of Popeye is taken. It is funny. Jay-z wants to represent the only NBA related hockey player. This is a blog. What class should have been taken IYO?

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