Ballin: Pretty cool that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook each scored exactly 29 points in last night’s Game 2 win — they also added a combined nine rebounds, 13 assists, four steals, a block and five turnovers — but Russell took one more shot, so let’s be super mad at him about it.

Not so much: If you are a Laker guard named Steve, last night was not your favorite. Messrs. Nash and Blake scored 25 combined points on 23 combined shots, which is fine, but they also both hurt their hamstrings during the loss. Nash is getting another epidural and Blake is getting an ultrasound on his today, because apparently the only way to fix injured hamstrings is with technologies associated with pregnancies. Congratulations on the leg babies, Steves.

Oops: This is what happens when Antawn Jamison guards an opponent who can move.

16 points on 8-12 shooting, seven rebounds, a block and a single turnover for Kawhi Leonard. He also had a nice lefty dunk because he’s very good.

Stratagems: For the second straight game, the Atlanta Hawks tried to have Kyle Korver guard Paul George. Game 1′s result was a triple-double, which means I guess Korver did better in Game 2, as last night, Paul George only went for 27 points, eight rebounds and three assists without turning the ball over. “Better” might not be the best term.

Slapsies: “Get your hand and hair away from me, Patrick Beverley.” — Russell Westbrook, I’m guessing

I guess Russ was mad at Patrick Beverley for trying a steal move that ended up with Westbrook clutching at his knee, which would be one of the most hypocritical things of this NBA season. Because if you can’t see Russell Westbrook trying that same thing, then you don’t know him like I do. Beverley got his revenge later though, even though said revenge was maybe a little upstaged by the Thunder winning pretty easily.

Chicago mang: Speaking of Patrick “The” Beverley, he got the first start of his career last night, then went out and posted 16 points, 12 rebounds and six assists while also adding two steals and a block to his one turnover. Between all that and his fighting with Russell Westbrook, I’d say it was a good night.

10 yards, repeat the down: Just a minor hold from Kendrick Perkins right here, and only on the biggest play of the game to that point.

This is why Scott Brooks keeps Kendrick Perkins on the court — because his residual Kevin Garnett association allows him to get away with blatant offensive fouls. Savvy move.

Bon-buh-bon-bon-bon: Matt Bonner scored in double-digits nine times during the regular season, but after last night’s 10 points, he’s done it in both of the Spurs’ first two games against the Lakers. If he were playing for Los Angeles, he’d be their fifth leading scorer.

Other things: James Harden threw one down last night … Probably the best Golden State Warriors pop can box art you will ever see … If you haven’t seen J.R. Smith’s high school yearbook quote yet, you need to. (Also, why is he Earl Smith III now and was Earl Smith, Jr. back then? Did he have a new father born sometime between high school and now? Doesn’t make sense.) … Just another very smart Reggie Miller quote for you to peruse … Looking good, Chris Bosh … Pretty cool Russell Westbrook ad that debuted last night

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  1. Westbrook slapping at Patrick Beverley most definitely was a cat-like move.

  2. “Congratulations on the leg babies, Steves.” one word: awesome.

    Trey, congrats on the humor baby, that you obviously had a long time ago. way better than a leg baby.

  3. Cool that that display consists entirely of RC Cola and Squirt. Must have taken the world’s stockpiles for that.

  4. “…a little upstaged by the Thunder winning pretty easily.”

    Did you watch the 4th quarter? Thunder were one blown call away from overtime.

  5. Beverly is so damn cheap if he keeps playing like this. They can easily sign CP3 and Howard, trade away Lin with Thomas Robinson for an even better player and bam you are +2-3 places.

    • The problem with that is neither of those guys are leaving LA.

    • Yep. I don’t know why but I really want Houston to be a legit contender. Hopefully, Dwight believes that the Rockets are more accessible to the Chinese market (thanks to Yao) and he’ll feel comfortable leaving that $30 million on the table in LA.

  6. In Westbrook’s defense, that “steal-try” could have been very dangerous and was arguably dirty, since Westbrook was calling time-out a split second before Beverley ran at his knee. I’m just happy nobody was hurt but was kinda surprised it wasn’t a technical foul for Beverley.

    And if I was the NBA I’d take a good look at his “flop” when Russ drove down the lane and threw out his elbow, from the replays I’ve watched it looked like no contact was ever made with Beverley. Sure, it was a dirty “trying-to-clear-out space” try by Russ, but it didn’t even make contact.

    Regarding that game, it was the first time that I REALLY understood what everyone was pissed about regarding Perkins in OKC’s rotation. He clearly doesn’t make the most of his minutes. Toughness is good and all, but I feel like Collison makes more intelligent basketball plays overall and doesn’t hurt his team as much. Perk had 4 TOs last night, for a non-offensive center, that’s a LOT.

    • Forgot to say, Beverley actually played a great game, I hope for them he stays on the starting lineup as the PG instead of Lin, who doesn’t quite belong there.

      • The Beverly-Lin switch worked for the real-life Rockets as it did for me in 2K. Also, Russ didn’t push off with his elbow/forearm but he definitely made contact and I don’t think you can’t do that.

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