Roy Hibbert’s All-Time Coolest Play
Look, I like Roy Hibbert as much as the next guy who appreciates rim protection but is still bored by his offensive game, but this has to be the biggest dunk of Roy Hibbert’s career. Unlike his one on LeBron, he actually looks athletic here. To paraphrase his good friend Chelsea Peretti, it really seems like he might have had coffee crankin’ through his sys. This would be a good choice for your favorite dunk from last night’s Pacers win.

Gerald Green Goes 1-for-1 on a Dunk
This would also be a good choice for your favorite dunk from last night’s Pacers win. Kind of feels like Josh Smith was expecting a floater, only to get his head crammed on by one of the game’s best dunkers unless we’re talking about this year’s slam dunk contest. My favorite part of this one, probably, is how Green jumps off both feet like it was just a normal way to finish a drive. It’s not, because most people can’t jump that high, that fast off of two feet.

David West and Gerald Green Beat the Buzzer
A darkhorse candidate, to be sure, but this is the most important dunk of the three. Not only was it the only dunk of the three in the second half of last night’s game, it also stopped a 6-0 Hawks run and pretty much put an end to this game. The Hawks didn’t get the lead under 10 after this play. Not to mention, buzzer-beating dunks are pretty rare, so mad #respect to that.

If I’m ranking the three, I’d go: 1) Gerald Green on Josh Smith 2) Roy Hibbert 3) Gerald Green’s buzzer-beater. But I don’t think there’s a big gap between No. 1 and No. 3. Gerald on Josh was awesome, Hibbert on Ivan Johnson was vicious, and Gerald Green on the concept of time is just really cool. It’s like picking your favorite member from TLC — you can’t go wrong.

(T-Boz, for the record.)

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  1. How dare you! Do you remember Chili from TLC? She was the dating Usher back in the day (She was in the “You Remind Me” video. Tas knows it well!) Chili over T Boz. It’s science

    • That might not even be Hibbert’s coolest play

    • That might not even be Hibbert’s coolest play from the game – step-back banked in three (that sadly came after the buzzer)

      • Yeah, I’d argue a dunk on a guy is cooler than a miracle three that didn’t count.

        And yeah — Chili is the most traditionally good-looking of the TLCs, but T-Boz is way fiercer. Plus she had that haircut that everyone remembers.

  2. Gerald Green’s buzzer beater dunk is the best then
    Green’s posterization of Smith is second.

  3. nice ATL transition D. 5 hawks watching from midcourt

  4. Wow, was West telling Green “Go go go” in anticipation of lazy defense? Excellent recognition and awareness. Can the Eagles draft David West with the #4 pick? He may not want to play football, but I’m sure they’re going to waste the pick anyway

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