On Friday’s episode of “The Fix” x “The Overdose,” The Jones discuss the Grizzlies getting back to what they do best, whether the Nets need to go small ball, Ray Allen’s new three-point record, teams that have surprised us during the postseason, the biggest X-factors (so far), and things we’ll be keeping an eye on this NBA weekend.

All that, plus the return of “Tweet of the Weak,” socks, high school yearbooks, and snuggling on the couch.

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  1. Trey “bust”ing out of that shirt.

    Tas completely right about Joey Crawford.

  2. … aaaaaaaaaand Westbrook will be undergoing surgery for a meniscus tear in his right knee. No timetable announced. Awesome timing, TBJ.

  3. Is this a format on for days for the playoffs?

  4. Perhaps Bev is the biggest x-factor now due to the Russ injury.

  5. Spurs can win the west now with Westbrook out

    Spurs vs Heat, SAS in 6

  6. These playoffs will be nothing short of disappointing. No Kobe, No Rose, No Rondo, No Westbrook. Plus the Heat walk away with a free championship. I truly hate it when you know from the start of the season who the champion will be.

  7. Regarding Noah’s vs. Johnson’s running, Haberstroh wrote about a week ago that Noah runs more per game than any other player in the league (I believe it was 2.7 miles per game).

    • That’s kinda funny because I thought I remember reading in a Zach Lowe article about the SportsVU stuff that it was actually Deng who ran the most miles on average per game. No surprise that it would be a Bulls player though

  8. My yearbook quote.

    “I think animal crackers make people think that all animals taste the same. What’s a giraffe taste like? A hippopotamus. I had them back-to-back.” – Mitch Hedberg

  9. Did JD say his yearbook quote?

  10. Bogut has been a revelation in the playoffs. Playing knifey spoony far better than anyone on the Nuggets.

  11. Wow, you guys are going to have a lot to talk about on Monday.

    Denver-GSW Game 3
    Bulls-Nets Game 4 (which feels like it is STILL going) setting the playoff scoring record for BOTH ballclubs and NateRob nearly breaking Michael Freaking Jordan’s record for scoring in the 4th quarter for the Bulls.
    JR Smith’s elbow
    Memphis tying the Clippers series
    Atlanta showing signs of life

    And that’s without even Sunday’s games, which could easily include:
    = Burying the Lakers
    = Burying the Bucks (and the How Bad Is Wade Injured Really? sweepstakes)
    = Burying the Celtics and possibly the career of The Big Ticket to boot
    = Denver-GSW Part 4 before we’ve even caught our breath from Part 3

    I dunno how you’ll do it. Maybe go 90 minutes, save all the burials for a slow day and don’t bother talking about Atlanta and Indy (no-one from there is listening anyway, judging by the attendance figures).

    • Could be an all timer episode

    • i’m from indy, and i’m a long-time listener, occasional commenter… i would prefer that they not talk about the hawks/pacers game this wknd because it was a truly pitiful performance

  12. I dont know…… even with Westbrook out, I think the Spurs will still have a hard time… IMHO

  13. Minimum 2 hours for today’s episode guys, thanks!

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