On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap all eight series from the weekend. Topics discuss include: Steph Curry’s flurry, Andrew Bogut dunks, Kenneth Faried’s frustration, Dwight Howard’s ejection, Kobe’s return, Westbrook’s unfortunate injury, whether Durant can carry the load, Marc Gasol, Nate the Great’s 23-point fourth quarter, Hinrich on D-Will, Atlanta goin’ big, J.R. Smith’s suspension, and Groundhog Day with Bucks-Heat.

All that, plus Jason Collins has become the first male athlete in a major professional sport to come out as gay.

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  1. There is a hairgel-greased back of a head with the voice of leigh ellis at the
    front of the table.
    do you really think this is a good solution to integrate the grand aussi?
    why not seating him beside you?
    it is really strange to listen to a faceless head?!
    now you can replace him with any guy when he is sick and at home and phone in his voice

  2. Jason Collins, first professional athlete out of the fridge

  3. Why does it take forever to put up the podcast for download???? I’m sitting here about to run, wanted to download it first…. the stream’s already up and has been for a while now, the download won’t show up – frustrating…. :(

    • I sent my regrets and condolences. Your sympathy card should arrive in the mail shortly. Once again, I am so, so sorry!

  4. Since the Bulls have like a 97% chance of going to the next round (3-1 Series leads) do you guys think Rose will come back to play the Heat?
    I feel like he must, since the Heat are their rivals and it just seems perfect that he would.

  5. Hey Guys,

    I am from Germany and I am in Toronto for a few days and wanted to know if there is chance to buy TBJ shirt somewhere even directly at your office? please let me know! that’d be aweome! thanks!

    huge TBJ FAN!

  6. Where was the pun gun game on friday? Great pod today though, this was my first time listening not via grantland.com.

  7. I love this show, it’s the best.

  8. What, no quote from twin brother Jarron Collins on Jason’s revelation?

    Also, is Tim Hardaway going to offer more of his thoughts on “the gays” (similar to those expressed after John Amaechi’s book “Man in the Middle”)?

  9. Tas, Miguel’s “Kaleidoscope Dream” or Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”? Trey, get on this too, you’re a SoulMan

  10. It wasn’t an omelette, it was a breakfast casserole. I know because after the announcer said that and Curry went off, I looked up a breakfast casserole recipe.

  11. Good on Jason Collins. Hopefully soon enough this won’t be considered newsworthy. Article is a great read, though.

  12. I only caught the tail end of the live show, but was a bit perturbed by the replacement of the Kate scale with Jason Collins. Was that a reference to an earlier, hopefully funny, joke; rather than a simple gay man = a woman laziness?

    • That bothered me too! But having listened to the guys for a minute now, I’ll definitely give the benefit of the doubt. Just a poor decision in the spur of the moment.

      • Agreed, benefit of the doubt is in order. Just a weird tone to strike for this kind of announcement, especially given the generally supportive position taken by TBJ on this stuff. No official comment from the guys (or are they girls, har har har)?

        • Your assumption that it was an unfortunately timed, spur of the moment reference rather than a cheap and shitty joke is obviously correct. I’m sure it was abundantly clear in our discussion of the news that we’re incredibly supportive of Collins and of gay rights.

          • TBJ has used males on the Kate scale before. This had nothing to do with ridicule, and everything to do with staying current.

            If you listen to MattyO in the end, he’s uber-hyping the story.


      • I think it was actually meant to be supportive by leigh. O rmaybe aussies just have the humor level of 7th graders? Either way, bring back the bait scale!

    • It was meant as a sign of respect to Jason for the announcement that he made today. – Leigh

  13. Tas, regarding the Clips’ shooting guard dilemma, what the hell happened to Willie Green? He didn’t get a lot of burn through the season but the minutes I saw him play he had a great consistent outside shot and he knew how to play off of CP3. I don’t know why Del Negro isn’t doing a SG rotation of Bledsoe,Crawford,and Green before playing Billups (well I do know why, he’s an awful coach)

    • This is a very good point- Willie filled his role very well. Chauncey only had a real good 5-game stretch this season. Willie started the game and the 2nd half, filling a role, and hitting shots at a good rate (46%).

  14. Can’t believe LA wasn’t even competitive in 1 home game

    TBJ should have roasted Dwight a bit harder for being such a tool all year and in game 4

  15. We need a nickname for the Bogut Dunks!!! Especially for the one on McGee…

    What about Australian Anarchy??

    because aliterations are cool…

  16. You know the opposing team is lacking in the point guard position when Raymond Felton is the one getting the shine.

  17. Was that a NEUROMANCER reference at the top?! This show is amazing.

  18. A quote from Ty Lawson-
    “Harrison has been much more aggressive and Jack is facilitating better than in the regular season,” said Lawson, still unshowered and slumped in his lockerroom chair after nearly all of his teammates had left. “All that is taking pressure off Curry. And now Bogut knows he can roll to the basket. Draymond Green knows he’s going to get that skip pass for a three. I’ll bet he’s in the gym every day working on that shot. They know where they’re going to get their shots. We don’t really know where we’re going to get ours.”
    -The Nuggets just sound deflated. I guess that happens when you allow your opponents to shoot lights out 3 games in a row.

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