Ballin: Box score data says Stephen Curry only made 10 of 16 shots and six of his 11 three-point attempts on his way to 31 points in the Warriors’ big Game 4 win, but that really doesn’t seem right. Because I could swear that when he wasn’t passing (seven assists), he was making every shot he took while taking every shot for Golden State and making sure that they were threes. 31 and seven is a great line, but I seriously thought he had like 65 and 16.

Not so much: Dwight Howard finished with seven points and eight rebounds in the Lakers’ mercifully season-ending loss to the Spurs. And if you’re wondering why those numbers are so low, it’s because Dwigt spent the past 22 minutes of the game in the locker room after getting his second technical foul of the afternoon two minutes in to the second half. Really smart.

H.G. Wells: Shoutout to time machines, because I have no idea where this Andrew Bogut dunk came from. went for 12 points, four rebounds and two blocks in the last night’s first half before doing absolutely nothing in the second where the only stats he tallied were a single rebound and a single turnover. Doesn’t matter though, because he had this dunk and another one and another one and they were all cool and he generally looked better than he has in three years and it was neat.

Goodbye: By my calculations, Brandon Jennings missed his series prediction — Bucks in six, doy — by a solid 10 games (wrong about four Heat losses, two Bucks wins and four Heat wins). Surprisingly, that’s actually more misses than he had in Game 4, where he went just 1-7, had one assist and turned the ball over twice.

Fly fly: Jason Terry went OFF in OT yesterday, scoring the Celtics’ final nine points to stave off elimination.

Seems like a lot of celebrating for a guy who hasn’t scored a single point in three of the eight halves thus far in the series and who was averaging less than eight points per game while shooting 7-22 coming in to Game 4. Showing up for “big playoff games” really doesn’t count when part of the reason your team is in a “big game” is because you haven’t yet done anything in the series.

Closers: The Miami Heat outscored the Bucks 107-81 in the fourth quarters of their first round sweep.

Bittersweet: This was literally the high point of the first round for Lakers fans.

You know you’ve had a terrible season when the thing your fans get most excited about is seeing their old, expensive, injured superstar hobble out to the court on crutches to see his team get eliminated from the playoffs.

Tennis elbow: Carmelo Anthony (10-35) and Raymond Felton (10-21) combined to take 56 shots, one fewer than the entire Celtics starting five, who shot a combined 26-57 from the field.

Other things: Some historical things — yesterday’s Lakers sweep was the first first round sweep in franchise history since 1967, yesterday’s Spurs win gave Tracy McGrady his first postseason series win in which he’s played (five minutes in game 4) … Tim “Giant Jeans” Duncan … Kenneth Faried owes the Warriors’ maintenance staff for some drywall repairs … This would be the saddest, most appropriate t-shirt possible for these playoffs … GIF up top is via Deadspin