I know it’s only April, but this feels like our first summer jam of the year. Bump this in your truck.

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  1. Bump this in your Six Cab, or Montero Jeep….

    • I’m on Tarot deep I keep flowing the beats don’t keep me fallin asleep I keep goin no longer under six feet deep I’m out for presidents to represent me

  2. Maybe this is cultural ignorance on my part, but would somebody kindly explain to me why O’Neal saying “birdman birdman” is funny/amusing?

  3. Did Anderson ever get cleared of the child porn investigation that was going at the end of his run in Denver?

  4. Thanks for posting this on your website! Check out youtube.com/TheTeamBeats

  5. I like the part where he said birdman

  6. Matty Devlin Vs. Shaq. Let’s get this rap-off going

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