This is a solid bit — nothing like a little peer pressure/public shaming to make you want to wear the same shirt as everyone else. That would certainly explain why all those businessmen thing the dress shirt-tie-promotional t-shirt look is a good idea, a strange and troubling phenomenon that I wasn’t sure would ever be properly elucidated upon. Glad to finally have that settled.

(via Reddit)

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  1. I’m so happy you posted this.

  2. God damn, Warriors. They’re just doing everything right in this playoffs.

  3. I was there yesterday and this was so fun…For nearly a solid 45 minutes before the game (and a few times during time outs), we got to boo people who weren’t wearing their massive yellow shirts and then cheer them loudly for putting them on.

    One dude had a shirt with a naked woman on it, too, which also caused cheering.

  4. We pretty much do this every time the Warriors give away free shirts to the whole crowd. I was there last Friday for Game 3 and they did this too. Also on opening night against the Grizzlies back in November, we boo’d those who wouldn’t put their shirts on.

    I love us.

  5. Can we get an investigation on what Grandma Lana feels about this peer pressure?

  6. Awesome! It looks so much cooler on TV when everyone is wearing the shirts. Like a sea of yellow.

  7. I know I’m late on this, but I misunderstood the headline and thought this was fans shaming others into wearing those crazy sleeved jerseys :-)

    That would have been harder/funnier :-)

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