It is kind of hard to tell what’s actually going on with Kevin Durant’s backpack, but this — from Sprayground, the people who sell the thing — will certainly help.


Feels weird to be talking about a Kevin Durant backpack again — so 2011, ugh — but when a guy who is money with his jumper (pun) wears a cash stack-printed backpack, you can bank (pun) on it being posted. It’s just too bad Durant isn’t negotiating a new contract (business term) or something like that, so that we could drum up some fake controversy, but I guess we can fall back on showing you the latest upgrade to Kevin Durant’s every day carry.

And hey, at just $60 this might be the cheapest way to look like a million bucks (super pun) or at least Kevin Durant. I mean, it’s either this or business tattoos with a Sharpie and that’s going to take forever, plus it’s really hard to draw upside down on your own chest. Trust me.

(via CJ Fogler)