On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Jason Collins’ big announcement, the future of the Sacramento Kings, and last night’s three NBA Playoff games — Thunder-Rockets, Bulls-Nets, and Pacers-Hawks. (KA-KAW!)

All that, plus summer blockbusters, Zach Braff’s Kickstarter, and Seb’s birthday!

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  1. That shirt is creeping too far into the rotation Tassy.

  2. Yelling BEVERLY! is too much fun. My new favourite drop for sure. You could maybe grab the line from later in the skit ‘Quick call to Beverly…” and find a way to sneak that in… maybe talking about an important foul late in the game or who McHale needs to get the ball to with Harden on the bench.

  3. where is ep 976 mp3?

  4. I’m super stoked for the new Fast & the Furious too. They’re actually already in production for the next one and it is coming out next summer (2014).

  5. Having some tech problems pushing the show to iTunes. Should be there soon. Thanks for your patience.

  6. MattyO seems really jealous of Zach Braff.

  7. You don’t have to be a TBJ fan to be a Hangover fan, but you pretty much have to be a Hangover fan to be a TBJ fan..

    And I’m sure Part 3 will be better than Part 2. It probably won’t be better than the first one, but it has to be better by the second one, right?

  8. Matt is going to have to explain why he’s so annoyed by the release of The Hangover Part II.

    • Just wait til I lose us fans by explaining why I was annoyed by the first Hangover.

      • I’m with you Matt. I watched both Hangover movies but I didn’t think they were that great. Galifinakis, however, is always good for a laugh. And I thought Bridesmaids was shitty too (no pun intended). Horrible Bosses (which came out at the same time as Bridesmaids) was infinitely better.

      • I really dislike the first movie, and didn’t even bother with the second one.

        I’m looking forward to Pacific Rim. Giant robots, giant Godzilla style monsters, Guillermo Del Toro, Stringer Bell, Ron Perlman, and GLaDOS? That’s just about everything I could want in a movie.

  9. So nice to hear it’s Sebby’s birthday. Who’s he rooting for?

  10. I have never wanted a player in the NBA to succeed more than I want Patrick Beverley to succeed. And yes, it is based only on my desire to continue to hear that drop.

  11. I read Ziller’s argument for expansion blog yesterday and he addresses the tv revenue aspect of expansion in an interesting way:

    “Teams will oppose Seattle expansion because it will cut into their share of the TV revenue pot.

    “Here is a comprehensive list of times in the modern era (which has seen expansion from 22 in 1976 with the ABA merger to 30) that the NBA Board of Governors has voted down a proposal to expand:


    “NBA team owners are not generally opposed to growing the NBA business. Further, (re-)adding a top-15 market while keeping a nation’s largest monogamous NBA market (Sacramento, which has no other major league sports teams or major college programs yet is the No. 20 media market in the country) — that’s good business.

    “But the TV revenue pot! Instead of 30 teams divvying up $900 million, it’d be 31 teams.

    “Yes, yes it would. Which is the difference between $30 million from national TV and $29 million from national TV. Which is a big ol’ plate of beans.

    “Further, the NBA will soon be opening up its TV deal for bid. Having a team back in Seattle helps boost that bottom line, especially if Sonics fans are as rabid as they seem like they certainly will be.”

    He has a point that a 31st team in an additional tv market would help the bottom line of their next tv contract. It could cancel out potential losses from diluted revenue sharing.

    Read the full post here: http://www.sbnation.com/2013/1/17/3886324/nba-expansion-team-seattle-supersonics-sacramento-kings

  12. after peeping grantland’s summer movie preview i felt disturbed by america’s current obsession with getting attacked, and the subsequent apocalypse/post apocalypse.. the fast and the furious is so stupid it’s funny, and at least it doesn’t further feed the paranoia (and i’m sick of superhero movies), so my choice is sadly Fast and Furious (i am intrigued by Pacific Rim though, solely because of Guillermo del Toro.. Pan’s Labyrinth was bomb, yo!)

  13. Movies sound less than mediocre at best. Haven’t seen anything on Pacific. Anyone seen Oblivion? Heard it was good

  14. Matty O liked the Garden State soundtrack before it was the Garden State soundtrack.

  15. Even though the Thunder lost this was def the game Derek Fisher went off just like Trey said.

  16. Guys, any thoughts on Pkil Jackson coming to the Raptors?
    Do you see it happening or is this just a pipedream drummed up by the media?

  17. Apologies if this has been answered before, I’ve missed a few shows. Is it possible to watch video of each episode still or is it audio only now?

  18. great game for #25 for Houston….. its the ghosts of Robert Horry past

  19. also at the 30minute mark when you guys start talking about Jason Collins again, Tas mentions something about “98 billion times”…. cool subliminal Jason Collins shout out!

  20. I’m suddenly onboard for an NBA expansion.
    Since Seattle would be foremost, and I can’t see them having an unbalanced number of teams – This means Vancouver could possibly be in the running for the other slot.
    Sucks that Memphis has our logo and name though, but Stern needs to make that happen.

  21. He sure is a battering ram hahahah

  22. Skeets, I once saw Dwele open for B McKnight in Sydney. So, Dwele or Tyrese? I actually don’t mind 2 Fast 2 Furious – it’s Miami overload. Kinda like Bad Boys 2

    • Oh, Dwele, no doubt. Tyrese was sort of joke even when was popular.

      Semi-related: I once saw Next open for Busta Rhymes in Detroit. They got booed off the stage. It was awesome.

  23. Never noticed how holy Chandler Parsons is.

  24. Check out that new Pacific Rim trailer, looks silly but fun

  25. NBA is blatantly rigged. Every series got extended for another home game series win…

    JR Smith threw an elbow so what? There are bigger hits on Zbo and Blake every play


  26. I am cracking up thinking about 7 foot tall Brook Lopez in a little tiny tree house reading comic books.

  27. I am rooting for Houston to win game 5 purely so the delightful drops will continue. Beverly!

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