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There are a few different reasons why a team wouldn’t want to lose in the playoffs. Yeah, the fact that a postseason elimination pretty much totally annihilates any chance that a team could win the NBA championship is the main one, but there are definitely a couple of others. At least if you’re the Nets, who beat the Bulls in Brooklyn last night to keep their season alive.

The first reason for wanting to stay playing comes from Brook Lopez, which means it’s going to be silly. From NBA.com:

“I don’t really have a social life. I like hanging out with the guys here. So I definitely didn’t want the season to end.”

As discussed on the show today, it’s kind of surprising that Brook Lopez isn’t looking forward to summer. I mean, just look at how many comic book movies are coming out this year, including “Man of Steel,” which might be the DC-est of DC Comics that Brook loves so much. Not to mention, I thought all 13-year-olds loved summers, since that’s when they get to hang out at Tastee Treet, order a crunch-dipped twist cone and play “My Ding-a-Ling” on the jukebox all day. And also not to mention, as a Californian, I thought he’d love hitting the beach once the season was over. Plus, doesn’t he have a twin to hang out with? But just like when Keanu Reeves was a great Neo, I guess I had Brook Lopez all wrong.

Here’s the second reason the Nets don’t want their season to be over with — it’s from Deron Williams and it’s more of a not wanting to be made fun of thing. From the New York Post (via EOB):

“That stuff doesn’t mean anything. We wanted to win the game for us and for our fans and for a chance to extend our season. We didn’t want to go fishing. We didn’t want to be on TNT with the hats on, and Chuck talking about it.”

Now this I understand. If JaVale McGee has taught us anything — which he hasn’t, but still — it’s that being made fun of by Chuck and the bros is only fun for a little bit. No one wants to be a punchline, which is why Deron Williams should maybe also consider a new haircut but I digress. And considering the Nets have been a league-wide punchline for a great portion of their existence in the NBA, wanting to win a playoff series so that Charles Barkley won’t make fun of you is a pretty fair reason. I mean, the Nets literally challenged for Worst Team Ever three seasons ago then signed Sasha Vujacic and Johan Petro instead of LeBron James, so if they don’t want to be Photoshopped in funny hats, well then that makes a lot of sense. They’ve gone through a lot.

Though to be fair, I think a hat would do Deron Williams a lot of good.