Ballin: 27 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists, a block and three turnovers for Handsome Chandler Parsons, who is a little too busy with basketball to fist bump you, bro. He’s got a series to not get eliminated from and a beautiful head full of hair to fix, so maybe chill with the fists.

Not so much: Houston’s giant, defense-first center Omer Asik went for 17 points, 14 rebounds and a block while playing nearly 38 minutes in a small ball game because he was showing out. Oklahoma City’s giant, defense-first center Kendrick Perkins was 0-1, scored zero points, grabbed one rebounds and had four turnovers while playing just nine minutes because look at that line.

Sadness, thy name is Serge: Al Pacino once said that life is a game of inches. And a t-shirt once said basketball is life and that the rest is just details. Ergo, transitive property says basketball is a game of inches. And that’s why Serge Ibaka is so sad bones about this.

Tough break for the Thunder, but I’m glad we’re getting another one of these games tomorrow night. On to other matchups.

Deja vu: Down 10 with two-ish minutes left, Nate Robinson turned the ball over and Gerald Wallace had a wide-open fastbreak dunk on the other end. And even though I was rooting for him to miss it, and even though he’s been notoriously horrible this season, Gerald Wallace can still make wide-open dunks that seal the game for the Nets. It’s not like he’s C.J. Watson, geez.

Peach out: Just because he didn’t score 23 points in the fourth quarter doesn’t mean there weren’t some good Nate Robinson moments. There were.

Would have been nice if he could have Game 4′d that three he took when the Bulls were down eight with 2:30 remaining in a blatant attempt to recreate his heroics from the previous game, but I guess not every outing can be a legendary performance. 20 point and eight assists in his first career playoff start isn’t a bad deal though.

Hand up: During the regular season, the Atlanta Hawks went 6-2 when Kyle Korver made five or more threes. Following last night’s 5-8, the Hawks are now undefeated in the one playoff game this season that the Korvster has made a handful of threes. Maybe, just maybe, the Pacers shouldn’t allow him easy catch-and-shoots.

Touché: Carlos Delfino did this…

…so Kevin Durant had to do this.

All in all, I’d say this is a fair trade. Even Stevens.

Photoshop: If you click on this link, you’ll see what purports to be a genuine highlight where Johan Petro catches the ball on the run, quickly composes himself and hits Al Horford with a wrap-around pass for a dunk. It might not be real. Let me know.

Other things: The NBA’s ownership committee voted unanimously to recommend against the Kings moving to Seattle … Bulls bros being bros … Quincy Acy riding a dolphin … This explains why all the Thunder fell down at the end of last night’s loss … Metta World Peace compared Jason Collins’ coming out to his own Cookie Monster t-shirt, obviously … Nate Silver on if Collins will get another NBA contract